John Kasahn: 7 Years of Telling Timeless Tales

Lauren Krieger

For almost 7 years, John Kashan has been sharing his Timeless message. On the 7th of December he’s celebrating his FRISKY Anniversary with a mix that represents what his show has been, and always will be, all about. Timeless captures more than the what’s current and trendy, but takes a dive into the classic tracks that stand the test of time. As John shared in our recent chat, “My vision was to create stories. Not the regular promo session, with the last hot tunes.”

The beginning of his own story started before he was born, with his professional opera singer, piano player and music teacher mother infusing him with a love of classical music. As he grew up, the synth sounds of the 80’s were introduced into the mix by his older sister, creating within him a unique perspective on the intricacies and emotions from a variety of musical styles. This served him well as he began to work his way through Argentina’s underground electronic music world, finding inspiration from DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Satoshi Tomie, Hernán Cattaneo, John Digweed and Martín García to take his own music to deeper levels.

Although he says he’s “kinda melancholic” John always aims to reflect his mood and emotions through his music, with the telling of a story as the most important aspect which flows through every episode, and “for that is essential not to focus on the tracks age, but on the communion between them instead.”

Through our chat, I realized the depths of reasoning behind the show’s name, as he shared more about the Timeless philosophy, method and message, and insight into how he chooses those tracks which will stand the test of time:

Telling a story through the music has been a constant from the beginning… has anything changed in your show from then to now?

Yes. I mean, the mood, the progressive way is always the same, it’s just the way I play, but the tempo is much lower than years ago, and maybe more tech oriented instead trancy. But in the end I feel I have my own style, I was always eclectic.

What’s your general approach to searching – spread throughout the month or sit down & track search?

I check promos and listen to music here and there all days, radio, shows… and I don’t use just new tracks. I look to connect the dots between old and new tracks, so it’s a little more complex. Then I take a day or two and just pick from the chart.

Do you think it’s harder or easier to find quality tracks now?

Well, I think the last few years were amazing, lots of new producers bringing great tracks, as it was before like 90’s end or early in the 2000’s.

This is a fantastic time for the underground music.

But technology made so easy and quick to create garbage too. So it’s hard to find this great quantity of quality tracks for that reason.

It does seem like an increase in the quality for progressive lately, like it’s okay to make melodic & emotional prog again. 😉 Do you have any favorite producers right now? Or go-to labels?

Yes indeed! Feelings are all over the sheet again! In the middle I would say between 2006 and 2013 we were lost, too much noise and meaningless tracks.

Argentineans are on the hot spot again, great young producers where added to the usual suspects. Progressive was always huge here.

It’s interesting, I talk to a lot of people who wanted to quit at that time, and some who took breaks – they were feeling uninspired & lost but decided to stick with it and came out all the better in the end. That fascinates me because I was feeling the same.

Yes, it was like the dark ages.

Indeed! 😉 What would you say are the biggest changes for yourself in the last 7 years?

I’ve become more patient and old hahaha. Open minded. That leads to open the mind to new sounds for example.

What would you say are your greatest motivations to keep making mixes? Do you ever see a point when you would stop?

The people’s love, you know when someone text you, or you cross them in a club and they tell you that they really care, cause you know “nobody seems to care”

What have you enjoyed about having your show on FRISKY?

Lots of things, but especially the freedom to express my self.

If you only had three words to describe your music, what would they be?

Deep, emotional and melancholic. Well maybe it’s just me.

The 7th Anniversary episode of Timeless airs live on December 7th @ [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps. Catch up with the extensive exclusive back catalog now: