Javier Portilla Returns from India Debut & Gets Ready For What’s Next


After a Juicebox Music tour across India, Javier Portilla shares his perspectives.

From Costa Rica to Europe, Javier Portilla projects influences on the dance floor from all around the world. Shuffling between dance floors, studio and label management, he has been running a successful show Nightlights on Frisky’s DEEP channel. His sounds go beyond genre creating happy and groovy space.

Recently he completed 3 city tour in India in association with Juicebox Music wherein Frisky was also a radio partner. We caught up with him to talk about it more and his show Nightlights.


First and foremost, just got off listening to your last episode, absolutely loved it. What inspires you to write these amazing sets?

Thank you! Normally traveling is what inspires me the most. Not necessary to another country but just the simple fact of moving from one place to another by bus, train, bike, on a road trip, etc.

I love that melancholic feeling of listening to music when you are traveling.

Nightlights on Frisky has been steadily gathering followers around the world. How difficult or easy is it to prepare for a radio show every month?

Week after week there are so many amazing new tracks coming up that having a monthly show is the perfect opportunity to play them. Before doing Nightlights on Frisky I did it weekly during 6 years in a local FM radio station so now being monthly it gives me more time to listen and dig into more music carefully.

Shifting between different roles you take as a producer, a DJ and a label boss, does these roles interfere with each other ever?

I love every one of them, I think they complement each other very well, however, on weekends I try to dedicate myself only to DJ, which I can say is the one I enjoy the most, for me is the role that summarizes all the others.

Javier Portilla - Deep Dictionary pres Juicebox Music Showcase - Bangalore

How important is it to have a clubbing culture to keep the underground music scene alive?

Without a proper clubbing culture there won’t be good underground scene, and without scene the Djs don’t have crowd to play for, so for me it’s key.

Any new project(s) that you are working on that you would like to share with us?

There is a project that got me really excited and I will start it as soon as I go back to Barcelona. It’s a remix for a producer I listen and admire since years ago and it would be released under Juicebox Music 😉

This was probably your first official trip to India or had you played here before?

It was my first trip yes. I’d been trying to do this since long time ago but until now we got the chance to make it happen. Here I need to give special thanks to my friend Praveen Achary for helping me to tie this tour.

I’ve been exposed to so many beautiful moments during my last days that I just have inspiration to give the best of me as gratitude for all that is happening right now. So I know we are gonna have a good time.

Javier Portilla - Guwahati

Listen Now: Nightlights