Catching Up With Javier Portilla Before He Takes Over

Lauren Krieger

A traveler at heart, Javier Portilla’s life is full of adventures reflected through his music. Following along his experience in India in 2017 , I also caught up with him for FRISKY Talk 009 to hear all about his travels and how it related to his current musical journey. A listen to his Nighlights show will give you an insight into his world as well, the definitively DEEP mixes feature experimental and eclectic sounds that are unique to Javier’s style: blending different cultures, atmospheres, and emotions all into one. He also invites some special guests to share in his story telling, such as Riesen, Wizard, and Marymoon.

On November 30th he’ll be giving us a fresh look inside his latest when he takes over the FRISKY Instagram page before & during the San Francisco pre-party of Mayan Heart Festival & Cosmic Convergence. Teasing us with his secret side project (which I’m hoping he gives us a hint of during his takeover ;)), Javier gives his thoughts on the present and future of his life with music:

After a crazy nomadic year, what has this time been like for you?

Last year has been a little bit crazy playing and traveling so for the last months I’ve been dedicating more time to be with family and friends. Also discovering new sounds, flirting around with different genres besides house and techno and giving form to my new side project.

Could you share some favorite moments from this year?

One of the highlights was going back to play in Costa Rica after some years. Also finally getting my hangdrum after looking for one for years.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned recently, related to music or to your life?

Be present. Enjoy the day by day.

In this kind of life I chose is normal to keep saying goodbye to people you connect with and suddenly each person have to continue their own journey. So enjoy those little moments of happiness without thinking in the future is very important.

What are you currently loving within the music – any favorite artists, events, or labels?

A lot of new artists (at least for me). Some of my current new favorites are Ăvem, Arutani and Iorie, three amazing downtempo producers from the label Heimlich Music. Must recommended if you like Slow Techno.

Do you have any plans or projects in place that you can share with us?

Yes I’ve been working a lot on my new side project which name is TBA haha. It’s also a downtempo techno kinda sound where I’m adding my handpan for live performances. I hope to have my first release in the first quarter of next year.

I’m looking forward to hearing more!

Follow along with Javier Portilla on November 30th as he takes over FRISKY’s Instagram, and listen to next episode of Nightlights on December 3rd @ 12PM EST [convert timezone]. In the mean time, catch up with the latest episode available on-demand now: