Jaap Ligthart Introduces Shadow Animals

Lauren Krieger

With music that has been heralded around the Underground scene for decades, Jaap Ligthart’s new FRISKY show Shadow Animals will continue to further his global impact.

Since he first discovered electronic music, Jaap Ligthart has been pursuing his passion, traveling the world as a DJ and spreading his sound through his own productions. With a dedication to giving the crowd what it wants every single night, the styles which Jaap plays can vary from gig to gig. Ranging from very deep house and minimal, to uplifting and raw, Jaap always provides the people whatever it takes to make the most moving and memorable experience possible. The last couple of years have seen him creating these moments at venues like Space Ibiza, Panama Amsterdam, Club NL Amsterdam, Club Vaag in Antwerp, and many other clubs in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Mauritius, Belgium, Cairo in Egypt, England and Germany.

With music that has been championed by DJs like Sasha, Dixon, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Mano Le Tough, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman and Jody Wisternoff, Jaap Ligthart’s tracks have further spread his energy throughout the world in the hands of these influential artists. Labels like Global Underground, Selador, Manual Music, Say What Records, Ein2, Click Records, Lost Language among many others have given wide coverage and notoriety for Jaap’s personal productions and sought after remixes.

His many guest mixes on FRISKY have given the global listeners a chance to experience his music anywhere and anytime, and his now hosting his own monthly show: Shadow Animals. Premiering on FRISKY on July 19th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone] you can listen LIVE or ON-DEMAND anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

It was a pleasure to catch up with Jaap to get ready for his show:

Do you have any favorite highlight moments in your career so far?

In my 20 years of DJing I’ve had many highlights, from the first time DJing where I was shaking so much I almost couldn’t land the needle on the first record, to my first gig outside Holland. Gigs in beautiful countries such as Mauritius, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Malaysia where I met so many nice people, I feel very lucky to do what I do. But also when my productions got played by other DJs I get goosebumps. When DJ’s that you look up to for years play your stuff, it’s a very special feeling.

What do you love most about DJing & producing electronic music?

The creative process in the studio but also in the DJ booth and also the traveling. And coming home to my beautiful wife and 3 kids after a gig.

What do you feel is the most important thing for you to transmit through the music that you create and mix?

I want to give people a good time basically, and if can do that by playing records that I like in an order that feels right and if it all falls in place it’s an indescribable feeling.

Do you have a particular style or sound that resonates with you the most?

When I started buying vinyl my first records were trance. My style and taste evolved to the more deeper styles pretty soon but I think the melodic roots are still noticeable in my sets. Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Lee Burridge are my favourite DJ’s for the past 20 years and the way they can tell stories with their sets is just ridiculously good. So when I play I always try to tell a story too…

What are you excited about within the music scene these days?

The amount of good music coming out is unbelievable. At big labels but also the small labels are getting better and better. Ofcourse there’s a lot of shit as well but if you can manage to filter the shit out, the amount of quality tracks coming out every week is more than you can handle…

What about within your own music world – any upcoming releases or gigs you can share?

After a heavy year for me after my father died last year in February, I’m beginning to get back where I was. I had some amazing gigs the past couple of months and i have some releases planned for Manual Music and Lowbit. Plus I have some big remix inquiries that I have to finish within a couple of months… And in August I’m playing for the first time in Scotland. I’m playing Northern Progression in Aberdeen, can’t wait for that!

I’d love to hear more about the name “Shadow Animals” – where did that come from and what does it mean to you?

When I’m DJing in the dark and the strobelight in the room makes the people on the dancefloor turn in to some kind of nightly animals, that’s what I think about when I hear the name. The name started out as a joke between friends but the more I was thinking about it it’s a pretty cool name I thought.

I love it! 🙂

Listen to the premiere of Shadow Animals live on FRISKY on July 19th @ 9AM EST [convert timezone] or on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.