Iran’s DJs represent the true meaning of the underground on FRISKY Loves Iran

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: FRISKY Loves Iran features a group of passionate DJs who pursue the music at all costs.

Iran’s electronic music scene truly lives up to the definition of underground. Much like the beginnings of the house and techno era, Iran’s electronic music lovers have to enjoy their passion behind closed doors and in hidden places. But that doesn’t slow them down. Removed from the mass commercialization seen in many other countries, the music finds its purest form in Iran. Pure fans, pure DJs, done purely for the Love. Here the music unites those who feel this connection, those who pursue the music with such fervor that they would put themselves at risk to in order to share the sound.

FRISKY will be bringing this energy of the underground to the forefront with a special FRISKY Loves Iran broadcast, airing on Saturday May 30th. FRISKY’s outstanding monthly global showcase has been bringing the best electronic music from around the world for years, proving how united our community is, and how far we will all go to keep the music going strong. This month’s FRISKY Loves Iran will be featuring 10 Iranian DJs who have proven their passion for the music through all they have accomplished: at local events, on international tours, with top productions and remixes, and much more.

I caught up with a few of the featured DJs to learn more about their experiences in Iran’s underground electronic music scene:

What do you think makes the Iran underground electronic music scene special?

Fedor K: Iran music scene these days reminds me late 80’s in England when party n clubbing like this was forbidden. As you know dance music or having a venue in Iran is against the law. Anyway in this conditions we run it, and I think it’s a real meaning of Underground Scene.

DJ Vah:

Limits make it special.

Therefore it has the real meaning of underground.
You can’t hear any sort of electronic music in social media for it’s banned.
There is no official place for DJs and producers not even a small gathering to show their skills.
But this makes the scene really special and unique. This situation makes a big difference between Iran and the rest of the world.

DJ Ferry: When you say underground in Iran, it has the true meaning of the word. Because partying in Iran is against the law so that makes the party scene really underground. When you mention “Underground” and “Iran” I have to say that it is symbolic and they truly correspond one another, that is due to restrictions and limitations observed in the party scene.

The party scene is really underground and the music fitting.

Photo by Fedor K

What is your favorite venue?

Fedor K: Recently I joined “You+One” Family from Canada love the crew love the music over there. About Iran… underground parties that I personally run is my favorite place, Every party we have new DJ’s in line up & for security we keep it in small scale like 100 people.

DJ Vah: Wherever art and music speaks is a favorite of mine. DJs and producers’ gatherings and festivals like Burning Man and BPM.

DJ Ferry: Fabric in London.

Are there unique challenges to being a DJ in Iran?

Fedor K: You can not play every weekend to share your feeling and passion with crowd, it’s getting hard to keep it up this way sometimes.

DJ Vah: There’s a whole lot of challenges to be a DJ in Iran which makes it a hard challenging career.Though there are tough limitations (internet filtering, the lack of good studios or clubs etc.) still there are many demands for performing as a DJ.

There are many talented Iranian DJs whose works are being played in International scenes. Artists like Dubfire, Sharam, Omid 16b., Pleasurekraft, Behrouz, Sharam Jay, Namito etc.

DJ Ferry: Yes, indeed. There is a fear every time you start playing at one of those referred to underground parties. Of course depending on the time of the year, type of party and other factors. But you have to be aware that you may come about a lot of challenges, being arrested is one them.

What is one of your favorite memories performing as a DJ or in the audience of an electronic music event?

Fedor K: That moment you feel everyone in room became One with your Feelings and your music. MASSIVE & PURE ENERGY

DJ Vah: I was in Malaysia in 2005. I came just to visit a friend and I wasn’t meant to play. One Night Someone called me on the phone and wanted me to play in a big venue.I didn’t have my gear with me and I wasn’t ready for it but I accepted.It was a big experience in my career. Imagine playing for the first time in front of 2000 audiences. I did my best.

DJ Ferry: In addition to house parties we also have public events which usually take place when a western brand is officially launched and hosts some grand ceremony, I played at Shemshak Ski Resort near Tehran once at one of these events, where over 3,000 people had attended. Due to the restrictions mentioned earlier, the audience were not allowed to dance and I was not able play vocals and the music was instrumental only. Regardless, the crowd went insane, everybody was dancing and it was out of control, I was worried since it was outdoor and public, but the rush of seeing that crowd dance in Shemshak’s snow-filled mountains was just beyond exciting.  A great mix of feelings that I will always remember.

Photo by Fedor K

FRISKY Loves Iran premieres on Saturday May 30th at 7AM EST [convert timezone]. Tune in from the start, and transport yourself deep into the underground sound of Iran through the country’s most dedicated DJs. 


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