Inside Jonas Saalbach’s Perspective

Amber Long

Jonas Saalbach on making music, finding inspiration, and the release of Perspective.

Berlin-based synth-master, Jonas Saalbach is on tour after the release of his new album Perspective. With releases on labels such as Einmusika, Bedrock, Mood Music, Save Us and many more, Jonas has carved and solidified himself in a unique place within the underground music community.

With his schedule booked into the fall and his album still riding the charts across Beatport, I was lucky to ask him a few questions, amidst all the hustle and bustle.

Where do your musical roots come from?

The most important music for me was Hip Hop, Reggae and Funk. Drum ’n’ Bass was the first kind of electronic music I was dancing to. Listening to different kinds of genres in general is very important to me.

Anything could be inspiring and might provide an idea for a song.

Your sound is so clear and crisp, what brought you to this?

Most important to me is learning by doing, although I did study audio engineering seven years ago where I learned the basics. I’m trying to better myself constantly and improve my knowledge when it comes to producing and mixing. When I have a session with friends I try to learn from what they are doing and what their approach looks like. We talk a lot about studio gear, how to best use digital or analog effects and other things of this nature.

What’s a day in your studio look like?

I usually start early in the morning. There is a small cozy restaurant right next to the river at our building at Funkhaus in Berlin. It’s the perfect spot to take a little break and I enjoy these moments with other producers or painters that have their studios or ateliers there as well. I enjoy having a little conversation like that in between work to reset my mind. How long I’ll stay on a typical day is up to the quality of the session and If I feel like I’m in a good spot to get anything done.

Do you have a favourite piece of gear?

Hard to say. It varies, usually my favourite piece is a recent acquisition I’m still getting to know and playing around with. Now, use the Korg Minilogue a lot. It’s what it cost it’s an amazing analogue polyphonic synth.

Do you have a favourite track?

My favorite track is ‘Bonnie’. It comes off as a quiet, more chilled track but the reaction to it in my sets is always very positive, probably because of its underlying hypnotic touch. First step while producing this track was recording hours and hours of material. I feel like this approach allows the track to ‘breathe’ more and have a more natural progression than if it was built completely ‘in-the-box’.

How long did the album take to make?

When I decided to make my second LP, I had already three tracks ready to go. I ended up taking about 3 and a half months to finish the completed ten track LP. I was mixing tracks on this one until the very last possible minute! Very happy it’s done at last.

Any advice you’d give to aspiring producers?

Just produce as much as you can!

What’s next for Jonas Saalbach?

I’ve kicked off my album tour with DJ and Live gigs and I’m also doing a live b2b show with‚ ‘Einmusik’. Between shows I am already back in the lab. The next release I’ve lined up is a collaboration with `Third
Son’, which will be released as part of catalogue number 100 of ‘Einmusika Recordings’, a double vinyl featuring all the label’s mainstay artists.

Thanks so much, Jonas for taking the time to answer these questions.

In working with Jonas, I can tell you he is focused and goal-oriented. His meticulous craftmanship of the music he makes is demonstrative of the profound inner workings of his talented mind. I had the most incredible bout of stage fright when I went to record the vocals for our track Nightwalk. The album was sure to be huge and I was working with a connoisseur. Things had to be perfect.
The album is, in fact, perfect.

Emotive and synth-laden, we see behind Jonas Saalbach’s composed exterior as he invites us into the depths of his untold stories. You can learn a lot about an artist by listening to the music they make. Perspective is an album where the little details make the difference. Extra crisp, clear analog sounds, complimentary collaborations throughout, and the perfect blend of moodiness and fun.

In the realm of electronic music, this album is like being fed a delectable 10 course meal, a spread of the finest sounds any music lover would drool over. Amazing work, Jonas, can’t wait to hear what comes next from you!

Stream the full album here:

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