If I could time travel, I’d go to Space

Lauren Krieger

Space in Ibiza during 1999 is one of my vital time travel destinations.

My first introduction to Space was hearing Pete Tong’s lead-in to Oakenfold’s Essential mix: “to Home… at Space… in Ibiza…” while Nalin & Kane’s beautiful “Open Your Eyes” slowly built in the background. When listening to that mix, I felt like I could glimpse into that other world across the globe, where thousands of people were experiencing a united journey, in a place where the music reigned and the dancing never stopped.

spaceIbiza was a mystical location to my 18 year old self, a place where you could walk from club to club all night, then watch the sunrise on the beach while listening to a DJ create a soundtrack to your visions, surrounded by people who loved the music with as much passion as I did. There was something special there, I just knew it, even if I never experienced it for myself. Whether or not it would have lived up to my expectations isn’t so important, it’s that it had the power to convince me from a college town in Colorado that it was in Ibiza where I would find my version of music heaven.

space-outside41t7kiaislAnd to me, there was no greater place than Space – especially in 1999. It was the location for that epic Essential Mix, Sasha’s Global Underground destination, where one of my favorite DJ photos took place. This Radio 1 gem of an archived website gives a glimpse into what a Summer in Ibiza in 1999 sounded like:

headerspace2space3space1Space was the one that had somehow permeated my consciousness half a world away. Now seeing how many years it went on successfully, how many awards it had won, how many DJs felt honored to have the opportunity to play there, I can see why it was The One.

And now it’s gone.

27 years is a good number, and an incredible accomplishment. All things change. But I still find that my khbgyms0heart hurts for the symbolic end of an era, for this mecca that I never was able to visit, full of nostalgia for a time and place that I only knew third-hand, with thoughts of a community of people all dancing together in pure bliss, no smart phones, no social media, just music. Is it strange to be nostalgic for a place you’ve never been? I know how that time felt though, the energy of the music that altered my life’s destination. I know that if I were there it really would have felt like Home.

So I’m still holding out hope for time travel, to get a chance to experience what it felt like to be in Space during a time when Ibiza was not a place to be seen, but a place to discover yourself. I want to dance under the sky to the sound of vinyl, to flowing rhythms and melodic breakdowns, alongside free spirits, and happy souls.

Maybe I’ll meet you there.