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Highjacks Goes Higher with the Launch of Terminal

Lauren Krieger

From the Greek underground scene come two brothers whose unique combination of perspectives and sounds are making waves around the world. As Highjacks, Harris & John Tzigkounakis have been rising through the club and festival world in Greece and beyond with their distinctive, driving, deep tech, techno & progressive blend. With residencies at Cyprus’ top clubs Tokyo City Bar and The Real Rock N Rolla, they have traveled to many different cities and venues all across the country, as well as recently performed in Istanbul. Their radio show “Nightshift” on Athens Must Radio was definitive of their fresh, forward-thinking style which they always aim to represent. Appearing on FRISKY’s Artist of the Week in February, Highjacks reached over 11K people around the world and brought a new stream of listeners into their orbit.

What makes them stand out as DJs also carries onto their productions; their bass-driven, powerful, emotional tracks have been released on labels such as Tarnished Tracks, Manual Music (NL), Beat Boutique Records, Piko Music, and Midnight Lab, and supported by DJs like Darin Epsilon, Dale Middleton, Tash, Mariano Mellino, Paul Hazendonk and many more.

With ever-growing industry support and a determination to spread their unique perspective on the sound to listeners everywhere, the upward trajectory of Highjacks continues to climb. Their new show Terminal on FRISKY will be the place to tune into to get a taste of what’s next. Premiering May 3rd at 11AM EST you can stream anytime on-demand after.

Before it begins, catch up with the duo behind Highjacks:

DJ Highjacks

Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to connect before the launch of your show. I’d love to start by hearing more about how Highjacks got started – when did you know you wanted to start this project together?

We always knew that we will work together since we’ve got involved in DJing from an early age. After finishing our studies, we decided to go on with our new project in life, to create our own studio so we could write and produce our own music together and get our own gigs in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Do you have any favorite moments from when you first started DJing?

DJing now for plenty years, every time it’s something different. One of our best moments is our appearance at Vergina Theater (Regency Casino Thessaloniki) that is a fantastic venue through all aspects. Also, our last tour in Konstantinoupoli left us with unbelievable impressions.

As residents of venues like Tokyo City Bar and The Real Rock N Rolla, you must have been able to get a real feel for Greece’s electronic music scene. What was the atmosphere like when you started these residencies? Do you feel the scene has changed since then?

The electronic music scene was good at that time when we first started but things have changed dramatically through the years. More and more, new upcoming talented DJs and producers are making their own noise through Europe and worldwide. More parties and festivals are happening at this time with artists from all over the world.

What is your favorite thing about Greece’s underground electronic music community today?

As we have said before, more people engaging underground electronic music and our community is getting bigger and bigger. The positive vibe that we get from people is the strength that we need to keep on pushing forward.

What are some of the most beneficial and most challenging aspects of working as a duo? Do you share the same taste when it comes to your selections, or do you each prefer one style over another (for example more tech, or more melodic)?

It’s always challenging as a duo, although we grew up together like brothers that we are, our taste in music was different. By working as a team, blending our music taste and ideas makes us unique and we see that’s the reason people like and follow us.

How do you work together when it comes to your DJ mixes, such as your Artist of the Week set and for your upcoming show Terminal?

Each one of us puts down his own ideas and taste, we sit down together and mix it all up so we can get the best possible result when it comes to a set or a show such as Terminal.

I’m curious, is there a specific meaning or reason behind the choice of show name?

By living in Cyprus almost for a year now, forced us in a good way to travel more often and we find ourselves in a terminal listening, writing and creating music for our shows and playlists. So ”Terminal” is not just a show for us, is a trip full of memories and emotions.

How about your work in the studio – what is a normal production process like for you?

Most of the times, we use our studio gear for creating the main idea. Finishing a track can take days or weeks but we always try to keep our elements inside… our id. We work together as both of us have a master on mixing and music production but the final results will be finished by our engineers.

What has been one of your favorite tracks to work on? Do you have a track you are most proud of?

Every track is special, it’s like a parent with his children, we love them all and we are proud of all. They all have their unique character. 

What is most important for you to share through your music? Are there specific messages or emotions you’d like listeners to experience?

We want all listeners to have great time, as we do, to remember and be curious of what they’re listening. Music connects people, it’s a way of expression and feelings and everybody lives it in their own way, we just want our music to touch people.

If there was one thing that Highjacks was known for, what would you want it to be?

We want to be well-known for our unique experience that we provide through our music.

What is in the future for Highjacks?

Nobody knows how future will be but the only target is to put our own stigma in electronic music and play for more people as possible. 2019 already has provided us a lot of experiences and we are looking forward for more things to come.

Tune into the premiere on May 3rd @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.