Hear the best of UAE’s Underground Electronic Music scene on FRISKY Loves UAE

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves UAE takes you deep into the music from one of the most unique countries on the planet.

The popular and pioneering FRISKY Loves series is back for a new adventure this month, bringing the sound of the UAE underground to a worldwide audience. The United Arab Emirates, consisting of seven emirates located on the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, is a distinct country with a high population of expatriates. Out of 9.2 million people, only 1.4 million are Emirati citizens, with 7.8 million expats. This puts the UAE in a unique position to bring together a variety of cultures, which carries on to all aspects of life, including the music.

Photo via Gabriel Floriani FB page

via Gabriel Floriani

The Nightlife in Dubai is considered the most diverse and thriving in the UAE, with many nightclubs and venues ranging in size and style. Abu Dhabi comes in second with an impressive collection of clubs and discos to partake in. Regardless of what the scene in each city provides however, all of the featured DJs have come to represent the music in their own ways. Each has a unique journey that may not have begun in the UAE, but is now intertwined with this distinct place in the global underground electronic community. With a group of 15 DJs comprised of residents, touring DJs, and producers, FRISKY Loves UAE will be showcasing an experienced and passionate crew covering a wide range of genres, all with an unmistakably FRISKY feel.

Moe Al Bunni
Gabriel Floriani
Ninesh Babu
Omar Ya
Bachir Salloum
Nishan Lee
Dj Subandrio
Ejaz Ahamed
Salah Sadeq
Omar Giddawi
Ayman Khalil

Photo via Moe Al-Bunni Facebook

via Moe Al-Bunni’s

You are definitely going to want to be a part of this one! Tune in on March 28th starting at 5AM EST / 1PM GST [convert timezone], for a full day of the best of the the underground from the United Arab Emirates on FRISKY Loves UAE.

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