Greco’s House: The People, The Vibes & The LOVE of Music

Lauren Krieger

NYC Underground House Music DJ/Producer Greco has been bringing his raw LOVE for the music to people all around the world.

NYC based DJ and Producer Greco has been quickly ascending through the dance music scene with passion and determination; his love for the music driving him to continue creating and sharing that which resonates the deepest. His distinctive raw house sound has gained him a place on legendary labels including Nurvous Records, Toolroom, and Strictly Rhythm, with his own Rawsome Recordings making waves in the Underground House scenes of NYC and beyond. Rawsome’s premiere release, Greco – “Be” feat. Rowetta, peaked at No.3 on the Beatport top 100 and was listed as one of Billboard’s top house & techno tracks of 2017, with much more sure to come.

With an aim to push the boundaries of dance music into the future while preserving the roots of the underground, Greco’s combination of old-school style and fresh perspectives has been reaching global audiences around the world as he’s been touring like a man on a mission. With a Spring tour that has seen him traveling from Australia, to Korea, Japan, and across the US, this weekend he’s landing in Florida at Vinyl Arts Bar in Orlando and HPC in Tampa.

Soon to be moving to Ibiza full time, I caught up with Greco before his Florida shows to get some insight into his house:

What inspired you to begin DJing?

My obsession with having control over the music playing in the car.

What drives your creative passion and energy today?

The scene as a whole honestly. The music, the traveling, the food and most importantly.. the PEOPLE!

Do you feel that house music, and the industry, has changed since you began?

I’ve been working in the music industry since I was about 18 years old when I landed my first position with Clear Channel Radio, now iHeart Media, so yes its changed tremendously! One of my favorite qualities of this industry is the fact that it is so fast paced. The music keeps reinventing itself through the artists and also new technology. For me personally, I aim to preserve the roots of the music all while pushing the boundaries of house into the future.

What is your favorite thing to experience as a DJ?

I really enjoy watching the crowd interact with the music I play! Before I was behind the decks, I created so many memories on the dance floor with great people and this is what I love to see. Just good vibes, hugs and high fives!

Are there particular emotions or messages that you aim to express through your music?

Not to get all sappy… but LOVE is always number one.

Connecting through music is seriously something special. Even to this day, I am constantly meeting new friends within the dance music scene. I also LOVE playing dirtier house beats to make everyone feel like a badass and put on their bass faces!

What are you excited about that is coming up for you this year?

Well this year I’ve decided to take the ultimate leap of faith and move to Ibiza! This is something I’ve dreamt of doing for many years but I’m the type to take calculated risks. Everything that’s happened recently in my career has all pointed towards the move which will now allow me to focus more on my creativity in the studio, build my team at our blog ‘Spira Music’ as well as the label ‘Rawsome Recordings’ and just completely involve myself with what I love most, the music!

Feel the LOVE this Friday May 18th @ Vinyl Arts Bar in Orlando, Florida: Event Page