Getting ready for the year of evolution with Nicko Izzo

Lauren Krieger

 Nicko Izzo on his year of living the music and what’s coming up next.

With a busy touring schedule taking him across the map, including huge shows at La Terrrazza like OFFsonar2016 l Soundgarden & Sudbeat featuring Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, Nicko Izzo has had an epic year of continuously following his passion. Embodying the music with energy, focus, and love, you can see and hear Nicko’s connection to the sound, as he shares what moves him to crowds around the world. Besides his performances, Nicko has also had some huge releases on Hope Recordings and Global Underground, and surpassed a year of bringing deep tunes to the airwaves on his FRISKY show Closure. Stopping for a quick chat, I was happy to catch up with Nicko Izzo before his next adventure:


Hi Nicko, I’m glad to catch up with you again! How has your year been?

Very happy to greet you again too 🙂

Has been a very busy year! Great season in Europe and now as every year doing my South America tour, ending in Buenos Aires to spend time with friends and family​.​

How would you describe the energy you’ve experienced on the road this year? Are there any nights in particular that stand out to you?

2016 was a year of several changes, always busy, but I left some things behind and focused on new great ideas/project for 2017​.

​2017 for me is a year of ​evolution with new projects​, ​focusing all my energy on that. I will also move more time to Buenos Aires, so the changes will be a few.

Particular Nights? – mmm have few ones, but one night that I remember in my last tour in Argentina at Sobremonte. A very special climate was generated and I remain in the memory.

I also love my Sonar party that I produce with Hernan Cattaneo, it’s always unforgettable afternoons, where people travel from many parts of Europe to attend that Sunday.


Outside of DJing, what is your favorite thing to do at the destinations you’re touring to?

I love gastronomy, is my hobby, I love to cook. Which I love looking for the best restaurants, rare places to go and try new things.

I also like to go to bars and spend time with friends that I have the pleasure of being able to visit in many cities around.


@nickoizzo Instagram


@nickoizzo Instagram

How about your favorite thing to do when you are at home? Are you living in Barcelona or Buenos Aires right now?

I love spending time with my friends, family, making “asados” and drinking a lot. We really enjoy each time we can, music fanatics (rock, blues, jazz) so it’s always fun.

I like watching movies, but I’m usually always out doing something.

I live between Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Now as I say I am moving more time to Buenos Aires, and choosing a new place to live there, so very happy too.

2017 is coming with some changes as I said, so in May I will take a new place to spend my European tour that I fell in love, Berlin <3


With a huge Hope Recordings EP with Marcelo Vasami “Trigger” released in August, and a great remix of the classic “The Hacienda Must Be Rebuilt” released on Global Underground: TWENTY in October, are you motivated to get back in the studio? Is there anything in the works you can tell us about?

Yes, it really was a good EP, we had great feedback 🙂 So happy about that.

“The Hacienda Must Be Rebuilt” released on Global Underground: TWENTY in October was amazing, since I grew up with that label, listening to many of the great artists of that time. I bought many of the records and today, 20 years later to be inside the compilation that framed the history of electronic music was a great gift for my career.

We are going back to the studio in 2017 with Vasami, to work on some new things. ​ ​I’m working with some vocalists and musicians for a new project. I’ll be able to say more soon, but very excited with all that.

Outside of Music, is there anything else you’re excited about?

I do a lot of sport, I go to the run almost every day. It is my moment of relaxation.

I also really like to enjoy doing nothing “Dolce Far Niente” – but normally that don’t happen. ehehe

Is there a message you share through your music that you could put into words?

Amor 😉


Thanks Nicko! Happy New Year! 🙂

Be sure to check out his latest episode of Closure, it’s a beautiful dark adventure in sound that really takes you deep!

Listen Now: Closure