Get the Full FRISKY Experience at GET FRISKY: New York

Lauren Krieger

On Friday August 16th, FRISKY, The Home of Underground Electronic Music, returns home for GET FRISKY: NEW YORK to the landmark club, TBA Brooklyn.

For FRISKY fans who want to take their underground listening experience to dance floor, GET FRISKY: New York is bringing together six resident DJs whose eclectic styles combine for one night of pure FRISKY. Featuring FRISKY partner & longtime NYC DJ / Producer, Rob Keith along with newcomer Niichavo and NYC nightlife veterans Mark Cobián and Dance Artifakts head Terron Darby, the night begins with two CHILL sets from Eric Shans & Nordvolk aka Marcel Slottke of Soul Collective, and continues with DEEP vibes into the early morning. The DJ sets will be recorded for play on FRISKY so whether you “GET FRISKY” with us live or listen later, you’re invited to experience this unique underground event.

To get ready I caught up with the featured DJs, getting their perspectives on New York’s current underground scene, and their thoughts on what will make this event a special night.

Friday, August 16th, 6pm – 4am @ TBA Brooklyn

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Set Times

6 PM – 7 PM Nordvolk aka Marcel Slottke
7 PM – 8 PM Eric Shans
8 PM – 9 PM Niichavo
9 PM – 10 PM Mark Cobian
10 PM – 11 PM Terron Darby
11 PM – 12 AM Rob Keith
12 AM – 1 AM Niichavo
1 AM – 2 AM Mark Cobian
2 AM – 3 AM Terron Darby
3 AM – 4 AM Rob Keith

What is great about New York’s Underground scene right now?

Rob Keith at TBA Brooklyn
Rob Keith at TBA Brooklyn

Rob Keith: I’m probably the wrong person to ask, but if your asking, New York always has a sense of creativity & style unique to us who live in the concrete jungle.  I’m always encouraged and impressed by our Underground cultures ability to lead & not follow.  There is ALWAYS something new, somewhere in our city, all the time.

Terron Darby: These days it’s more vibrant than a few years ago, and there is such a diverse group of artists and collectives emerging every month. As a club-goer, you can tap into multiple styles of music all in one night, or choose to dive into one of your favorite venues/events, and dance till dawn. On any given night, you can find an event to suit the vibe you desire. I think that says a lot about the diversity of the New York scene, and I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing time.

Terron Darby

Mark Cobián: I think what’s great about the underground scene, is that it’s consistently moving. Many new faces, DJs, and parties popping up, all of the time. So much so, that I’m unfamiliar with many of these newer artists. That’s a great thing, because it means more people are contributing to the scene, and that adds a fresh feel to the movement. 

Niichavo: It feels like a golden age for the underground scene in NY right now.  There are numerous openings of venues with excellent sound systems and distinct vibes.  Top artists of all sub-genres play in NYC regularly as many new local DJs and producers emerge.

Eric Shans: There’s lots of forward thinking events from that range from the grand scale, to the smaller and more intimate. There’s always something you can get lost in.

Mark Cobián

Nordvolk: New York’s underground scene fertilizes the movement and growth of many local communities. I love to see how music connects such a diversity of people and brings out the treasures of New York’s inhabits. The international mixup and the variety of directions are very inspiring for me. The love to detail in creating an experience, artistic show elements, visual art, a non-violent and open spirit, where people bond and flourish can be especially found in New York’s Burner Scene. Looking forward to go back to the playa next week. 🙂

What do you think makes for a special night?

Rob Keith: IMO … Music, Surroundings, People, Positivity, Soul, Style, & Love … that vibe and connection all can feel, naturally and undoubtedly.

Terron Darby: Intimacy. A perfectly curated music night, where all of your closest friends, and new faces, meet in a smaller event space of about 100-125 people. Perfectly tuned sound, and music that takes you on a journey. All you need is one strobe, a laser, a red light with a smoke machine. Dancing till the sun comes up. That makes for a special night.


Niichavo: How I know that my night was special?  When it’s over I feel like I’ve experienced something great, something that makes me fall in love with this music all over again.

Mark Cobián: It’s definitely the vibe. The people, and the artists is what makes or breaks any event. If all come, with their willingness to let go, and forget about life for a few hours, magic happens. No doubt about it.

Eric Shans: When the music and the atmosphere connects to you and everyone around, and you’re with friends that are like family who appreciate it just as much.

Nordvolk: When you are taken away by the music, surrounded by smiling people who are grooving in the same mood and once you know it, the sun is rising and you feel more energized than before. 

What are you most looking forward to about this event?

Eric Shans

Rob Keith: For me, since our FRISKY show hosts, artists and resident DJ’s are located all around the globe, it’s rare, outside of our annual ADE gatherings, that we can get several of us together at the same venue to showcase & represent FRISKY … and what better place to be able to do it then a summer night in New York.

Terron Darby: Seeing friends and new faces come together to celebrate community,  the collaboration of my label with FRISKY, and supporting fellow artists in the scene.  I’m also looking forward to playing again at one of my favorite clubs in Brooklyn, TBA.

Mark Cobián: I’m really looking forward to playing alongside the FRISKY crew. Each one of us has a different style, but I’m confident it will work out really well. I have a feeling, a lot of fun people will be in attendance, Friday. Perhaps some “Magic” will be in the air. 🙂


Niichavo: I’m just very excited to play for FRISKY fans in this perfect venue with a group of very talented DJs, who I know will bring their best.

Eric Shans: Hanging out with some very close friends, setting the tone for the room (as I’m opening), and meeting some of the FRISKY people that I haven’t met yet! And of course listening to some great music :).

Nordvolk: I just came back from a longer stay in Europe and can’t wait to meet and catch up with my good friend Terron Darby which I’ve seen last time at the I Feel… Summer Escape festival upstate, where we played together . As well I’m honored to be included in the FRISKY radio crew and to see Robert again in person. The TBA has been always a great place with their Boiler Room style like ambient and a pretty unique sound system, where your ears don’t bleed when right in front of the speaker but you get the full spectrum, of sound. I’m looking forward to open the party and play some of my lates tracks inspired from my recent trips in Turkey, Ibiza and Germany.


Get FRISKY: New York