Get deep with Scotland’s best underground DJs on FRISKY Loves Scotland

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Scotland brings the well tuned Scottish sound to the airwaves with a huge crew of DJs.

Scotland has always been a strong player in the electronic music world, a role that has continued to this day through a supportive community, passion for partying, and appreciation for dance music. Showcasing the country’s deep layers of electronic music devotion, FRISKY Loves Scotland will be featuring 14 of their most dedicated DJs, covering a variety of underground genres ranging from Progressive House, to Electronica, to Techno, all with the technique and style you expect from FRISKY. With this huge lineup ready to rock the airwaves from start to finish, the sound of Scotland can be heard all day long. Tune in from the beginning or catch up when you can, this FRISKY Loves special will be a unique opportunity to experience the best of Scotland’s underground electronic scene all in one place.

Airing: Saturday September 26th @ 6AM EST / 11AM BST [convert timezone]

Featured DJs:
Brent Lawson
Paul MacMillan
Andy King
Cheap Picasso
Boom Merchant
Clyde Rouge
Adam May
Alan Dobson
Nikki Flame Jordan
DJ Sidney

FRISKY caught up with a few of the DJs to dive into Scotland’s scene & get ready for their special broadcast:

What do you think sets Scotland’s Underground Electronic Music scene apart?

Brent Lawson: The Crowds and passion that people, producers, DJ’s have, it’s second to none.

DaGeneral: The tight community feeling, no matter what part of the country you are in there is a generally feeling of one love.

Alan Dobson: Scotland’s got celtic blood, and a cold atmosphere, so people are just happy to be indoors. Add to that to an unhealthy addiction to alcohol and a love for music creates a recipe for amazing parties that kickoff crazy like no other clubs I’ve been too!

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: The Producers know what the dancefloor wants, that’s where they came from, keeps it real.

Are there any unique challenges to being a DJ in Scotland?

Brent Lawson: It can be quite a Niche market, we all have to work closely together as it’s a small area. Too much on or clashes with nights impact, so close planning I guess.

DaGeneral: The Scottish weather could be taken into consideration for highland gigs, but apart from that there are no real challenges.

Alan Dobson: Population is a challenge, creating parties to accommodate the tier 1 DJ’s demands or more up and coming within our 7 cities can be difficult, Glasgow and Edinburgh have big scenes, every week the outwith that bigger parties are not so regular.

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: Not came across any, always loved DJ’ing across Scotland.

Who would you say are your most influential DJs historically & currently?

Brent Lawson: Historically was always Dave Seaman from the Brothers In Rhythm days even until, an absolute gent to meet on several occasions and has supported many of our Pro-B-Tech Records tracks. Current Dave is still up there for me. But Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and maybe not so well known yet but is just on cusp of being huge in my eyes is Ian Dillon.

DaGeneral: Historically mine are local Scottish talent such as Mike C, Jay M, but currently I am liking quite a few artists such as Blue Amazon, Arjun Vagale, Skober, Mauro Picotto.  That being said there is a lot of artists breaking through like Ian Dillon, Technogramm.

Alan Dobson: I’ve always been a Digweed & Sasha man, and been lucky to play with them a number of times, but have been influenced by people like Danny Howells, James Zabiella especially seeing them live in the clubs performing. Currently I still like Digweed, but am very open minded and like to catch as many new acts as I can. Maceo Plex, Joris and Sven Vath have all been amazing recently.

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: John Digweed historically and currently, he just gets it all right all the time. Cid Inc currently blows me away for his productions not only sound great, the quality of production matches and goes beyond the quality achieved by many others in the industry.

Which venues or events should locals & visitors be sure to check out?

Brent Lawson: Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, Reading Rooms & Fat Sam’s in Dundee and The ICE Factory in Perth to name but only a few.

DaGeneral: A little venue in Dundee called the Reading Rooms is a must if you are in the North East of Scotland, and of course the legendary Ice Factory in Perth.

Alan Dobson: Liquid rooms in Edinburgh is amazing, best sound system in Scotland in my opinion, and more locally Reading rooms is a great compact boutique venue.

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: So many across Scotland to mention, if you are lucky enough to visit when an amazing gig is on, just do it, best crowds in the world.

Which Scottish clichés are actually true?

Brent Lawson: We are true Scotsmen 🙂

DaGeneral: There really are 3 legged haggis running in the hills!

Alan Dobson: Fancy another, …. go on then!

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: Best Crowds in the world.

What can we expect to hear from the DJs on FRISKY Loves Scotland?

Brent Lawson: Quite a few unreleased promo’s from my own label and not planned for sometime, my sound tends to be in the Deep / True Progressive house.

DaGeneral: Upfront, intelligent tech music.

Alan Dobson: What you can expect from me is great music programmed to tap your toes and shake your ass.

Nikki “Flame” Jordan: Pure quality.

Get more info and get ready by checking out the FRISKY Loves Scotland show page:

FRISKY Loves Scotland