FRISKY’s Artist of the Week Boom Merchant takes the dance floor to the airwaves

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Get ready for Boom Merchant’s exclusive Artist of the Week mix on FRISKY

Boom Merchant has been steadily taking the electronic music industry by storm, his intrinsic energy evident in everything he touches. From his productions described as “tough house for no nonsense dance floors that cannot fail to make you dance” & “draped in rich and sinewed quality”, to his popular and distinctive Tribal Pulse nights in Glasgow, to his ever growing imprint of the same name, Boom Merchant has continued to impact the scene from all angles. This week, he is featured as FRISKY’s Artist of the Week, giving listeners around the world a chance to dive into his marvelous musical world through an exclusive 2-hour mix. To get ready, we caught up with Boom Merchant:


What was your first experience with electronic music like?

My first proper experiences came from discovering these really hypnotic, electronic sounds and getting hold of any CDs or sets that I could get my hands on, and just listening. It became an obsession, but at first didn’t know what I was looking for most of the time! Later on I started going to clubs and being able to hear my favourite DJs live, but my first experiences were in my early teens and back then getting hold of the latest Global Underground was a big event!

What is your favorite track right now?

There are so many great tracks released every month and my favourite track changes easily every week or two. Off the top of my head I really love ‘Nowhere’ by Mario Ochoa, and ‘Are You Ready’ by Yousef. Nicole Moudaber remixing Carlo Lio also does the damage.


Is there something about the electronic music industry today that surprises you?

A lot of things surprise me about the way things are today, some good and some bad. At one end of things I think it’s horrible how shallow and trend-oriented things have become if you look at the big picture of the industry as a whole. The quality of the music has suffered as a result. But at the other end, I find music that amazes me every month. There are some absolute geniuses out there creating some crazy sounds. So to those guys, thank you!

What’s coming up for you as an artist in 2016 that you’re excited about?

I’ve got some nice gigs coming up in Scotland and across Europe so I can’t wait to get out and play some records, but I’m looking forward to spending more time than ever in the studio as well. I’m really enjoying making music just now, and I’m building tracks to fit the sounds I want to drop in my sets, so the ideas are coming fast. I’ve got vinyl releases coming up soon on Resopal and Tribal Pulse. I’m really excited about the Resopal one. It’s 4 tracks and showcases a variety of my favourite sounds; slamming grooves but also a bit of a journey to each track. The Tribal Pulse one will come a bit later. I’ve got some really unusual elements and instruments in the recordings but they really kick, so I’m looking forward to getting all this material out so you can have a listen.

I’m excited to hear what’s next!

Be sure to tune into Boom Merchant’s Artist of the Week mix airing Tuesday January 26th at 2PM EST [convert timezone]!

FRISKY Artist of the Week – Boom Merchant