FRISKY Weekly: DJ Booth drama, NYC gentrification, & why dance music is the best

Lauren Krieger

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technology-974413_1280No Laptops in the DJ Booth?

We have seen in the past when club owners have taken some interesting decisions, for example, banning selfie sticks, no track requests and no commercial stuff after 3am. All of these rules can be seen as trying to remain original and keep the clubbing experience alive for the audience. In one such event, the owner of nightclub named ‘Cure And The Cause’ (Glendale, Los Angeles) has issued a new rule: “No laptops in the DJ booth.”

It has gathered the mixed reaction from the artist fraternity, Richie Hawtin was quoted saying , “Most ridiculous rule ever! Stifling creativity by limiting an artist own personal approach is a step backwards.”

Kenny Summit (the club owner) explains why he made this rule, “The problem lies with the opening DJs (mostly). Many of them show up with a laptop and controller, and that’s all they’ve ever used. That’s a problem. They don’t know what to connect with our Pioneer system; they have no clue what they’re plugging in or what plugs they’re taking out.” What do you think about it?

dj-690986_1280Need to Get Some Work Done? Listen to Dance Music

What do you listen to at work? I keep FRISKY tuned in 9-5 and it keeps me going all day. I’m not surprised to hear that “Dance Music” is the most effective aural companion to getting stuff done.

In the study, 26 participants were different tasks such as data entry, spell-checking and mathematical equations for five consecutive days. The participants completed the tasks while listening to four different genres of music (classical, pop, ambient, dance). According to the study, participants who listened to dance music demonstrated faster performances and a higher rate of overall accuracy.

Real estate, gentrification and nightlife in New York

“It’s tough to draw a causal relationship between vibrant nightlife and displaced communities. But plenty of real estate players in the last 40 years have tried to harness music scenes as part of their development plans. And plenty of cultural creators are concerned with the role they play in helping gentrification along.”

There’s lots of ground to cover in this excellent article on real estate, underground venues, the NYC scene, and what makes a neighborhood desirable.

John Digweed on the art of the extended set

“It’s not something you can go to college to learn it’s something that takes years of watching and listening to other DJ’s” says John Digweed, when he was asked about the art of the extended sets.

He further explains that the energy of the set is key and it needs to increase slowly over the set. He also points out the role of a warm up DJ being crucial to follow up DJ/Artist.

Anjunadeep artist and FRISKY’s very own, Jody Wisternoff heads over to India over this weekend. If you are in India, do not forget to catch up in one these cities. Click here for event details.

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