FRISKY Pets: Bobby Deep’s Pair of Pugs

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Two pugs make a family complete!

Popeye and Olive are a couple of precious pugs owned by Deep My Way host Bobby Deep & his family. This adorable duo has a great story & faces too cute to resist!

POPEYE ON THE RIGHT  OLIVE ON THE LEFTThe story of Popeye & Olive:

When my wife and I first met each other we wanted to have a dog, but we both lived in different cities.
So we decided to get 2 puppies, girl goes with me and the boy with my wife. When my wife visited me in my city, both dogs found each other as well.
Same thing when I visited my wife in her city.
And the story went like this for 2 years till we got married and finally stayed together, so both dogs got married as well (it’s a couple not brother and sister).
5 years passed now and we have a 2 years old daughter. Both pugs sleeping in her room every day since her birth.
They both snore so loud but it’s a sweet lullaby to my daughter.
We are a happy music family!!! 

popeye and oliveOLIVE POPEYESo cute!! Lots of love in that family. Feel the vibes & listen to Bobby Deep!

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