FRISKY Nightlife: sLick! on India’s electronic music scene

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: FRISKY Nightlife takes a look at the growing electronic music scene in India with sLick!

In its short existence, sLick! has already been making a large impact on India’s underground house and techno scene, bringing in international talent while also promoting outstanding local DJs. Their FRISKY show sLick!Cast has featured a wide variety of exceptional DJs, giving us a peek into India’s ever growing nightlife. I caught up with Prateek Pandey and Akhil Shetty to talk about sLick!’s role in the industry, and to learn more about what to expect from India in the future.


What roles are you currently playing in the India underground house music scene? Which is the most fun?
sLick! was formed 3 years ago to bring quality House/Techno to India. Most promoters were happy sticking to the tried and tested and not sticking their necks out so to speak.

We bring in a lot of international underground House/Techno DJ/Producers to India while also making it a point to feature and promote the young local talent.

We have also programmed festivals such as Enchanted Valley Carnival last December, and are curating and programming a brand new property early Feb 2015 and that’s currently a lot of fun. The smaller intimate gigs bring their share of joy as well, but nothing like seeing months of hard work put into a festival bearing fruits with thousands of people dancing at it. 🙂


What is your favorite moment this year from a fan’s standpoint?
There are a few artists and tours that we do in India which makes the fans travel across cities – either to a city where the artist is performing or to at least 2-3 cities on the tour. India being a large country – that’s something which really makes me smile – seeing someone taking out the time and effort to travel to an artist they love. I have seen people take an 8 hour train from New Delhi to Mumbai for Guy J. This year saw hordes of people travel to Mumbai and Bangalore for our Jeremy Olander gigs.

Which underground trends do you think will become more popular in the coming year?
I think Deep House is going to be really popular, if its already, this year in India. The dance floor friendly, melodic, vocal based Deep House seems to have invaded most clubs and DJ playlists of late, and I see it continuing.

I would personally love for the people to experiment a little more and not just stick to the tried and tested and venture deeper down the rabbit hole.


What do you think makes the Indian scene special?
The Dance music scene in India has exploded by leaps and bounds in recent times but it still has a long way to go. I think the people are really up for it in India and most DJs love the hospitable nature + the energy here. People are still discovering newer styles and forms of Dance music and hence show greater enthusiasm. Another special thing about the Indian scene – the population.

Even if we have 5% of our population coming out for shows – that’s a LOT of people. Definitely has huge potential.

Which up & coming local DJs should we be paying attention to?
1) Lost Stories
2) Praveen Achary
3) Vipul
4) Stalvart John
5) Vinayak^a

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