FRISKY Nightlife: TIME in Manila with Pav Parrotte

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY’s Nightlife series takes you out of the airwaves and into the clubs with interviews and insights from the industry’s best venues.

Pav Parrotte takes us to the world of TIME in Manila, a strictly underground house and techno club in the Philippines that features a hard working, floor rocking group of residents and stellar list of guest DJs. What does an average day & night at TIME look like? TIME is open Monday thru Saturday night. We open at 11pm and close well into the next day, the earliest being 8am but generally we run-on til 10am and sometimes even past midday. At night we are a deep dark and dirty atmosphere which is perfect for our brand of House and Techno. We are the only club in the Philippines which focuses only on underground House and Techno with a dash of Drum & Bass.

What is one of your favorite memories at TIME? I have a few but 3 are most notable… (in no particular order) 1. Secret Cinema playing an 8 hour set and not letting up on the energy all night. The 2nd is KiNK playing a live set for 6 hours, again no let up on energy levels. The 3rd was to have DJ Hype and MC Daddy Earl doing their soundcheck. It turned into a 2 hour private session of Kev scratching, cutting and slicing… his talent fee was covered by just having a few of us able to watch that “soundcheck”. All 3 of these chaps mentioned are real nice guys and have been in the industry for years and are considered legends in my eyes. daveseaman1 We have had some great acts at TIME and it wouldn’t be fair for me not to give a mention to some of them… SLAM, Silicone Soul, Nadja Lind, Jimmy Van M, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Tigerskin, Quivver, Guti, Frank Mueller, Luke Fair, Ramon Tapia, Satoshi Fumi, Xhin, DJ Bone, Marco Lenzi, Jazzanova, DJ Spinna, Dirt Crew, Rosie Romero, Sonny Wharton, John Fleming, Darren Emerson, Ray Soo, Julius the Mad Thinker and many many more… sorry if I didn’t mention you, you were all awesome. 🙂

Is there anything that makes the Manila or Philippines scene uniquely wonderful? Uniquely challenging? The Philippines has long been off the beaten track for travelers to South East Asia but we have seen the numbers of tourists swell in the last couple of years. The Philippines is a beautiful place to visit for all types of travelers, so much beauty and natural wonders. On the music side we are hampered pretty much the same as most other places in the world wherein “EDM” is the biggest attraction for nightclubbers. At TIME we do not give in to this fad and we stick to our guns… this makes us one of a kind and gives us our unique selling point, and we see more and more travelers/tourists coming to TIME for the music and supplementing our regular faithful crowd.

Are there any challenges to keeping the club dedicated to only underground music? There are definitely challenges but sticking to your guns is the most important rule to have, it wasn’t easy at first and still we find ourselves with difficult and challenging times, however we keep our heads above water which means we can stay open and keep on providing that much needed escape for people into the house and techno culture. We have been open for over 3 years and we see more potential and further growth in the future, we just need to make sure we get it right. I’m sure we still have a lot of lessons to learn but we will be bigger and greater, and we will be a reason for some people traveling to the Philippines whilst they are in South East Asia as well as building up on our local crowd. booth Are there any current trends in the scene that you think will continue to grow? “EDM” will continue to be a pain in our ass (and ears) but we are actually seeing some of those “EDM kids” coming to more and more of our nights at TIME… granted they still come with glow sticks and neon lit sunglasses but who gives a shit, they are enjoying themselves and listening to some sophisticated music and we can see that they are enjoying themselves.

Which DJs from Manila should we be listening to? Martin Lugtu in my opinion is Manila’s and possibly Asia’s best underground DJ. He is a resident DJ at TIME as well as being a Resident DJ on Frisky Radio with his Mood Swings show. Ryan Pamatmat (from Manila but now based in London) is a solid DJ/Producer who will soon be treating us with live sets… definitely a rising star. Alinep, Ingo Vogelmann and myself are also Resident DJs at TIME and we all know how to rock a dance floor and keep it rocking. There are a few others who are starting to make some waves…. Emel Rowe (another TIME Resident DJ) Miguel Libre and David Sorrenti being probably the best of the young guns in Manila in my opinion that are on track for doing some real dance floor damage. Stay on TIME: Follow them on Facebook & Twitter and listen to Pav Parrotte’s LIGHTWORKS mix on

More photos from the DJ booth & the dance floor at TIME in Manila