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FRISKY Loves Malaysia brings the best of the country’s Underground Electronic Music scene

With a diverse culture and blend of modern and developing attributes, Malaysia offers a unique experience for electronic music fans. Known for both its amazing cityscapes and beautiful natural wonders, the country is a popular destination for travelers from around the world. For those who are looking to experience the electronic music scene while visiting Malaysia, especially if you’re hoping to find the underground side, you would be happy to discover that the local community has been keeping the vibes growing strong through a variety of venues and dedicated DJs. Those passionate artists who are keeping the scene thriving can be heard on the latest from the one-of-a-kind FRISKY Loves series.

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Terence C
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Airing this Saturday March 31st at 7AM EST / 7PM MYT [convert timezone], you can tune in LIVE all day long, or catch up anytime after on-demand with a FRISKY Premium Subscription. Listen anywhere – even offline – with the FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Photo by: Ishan – See From The Sky

I caught up with a few of the featured DJs to learn more about the scene & get ready for the showcase:

What makes Malaysia’s electronic music scene special?

Obadius: The desire to evolve in a direction far away from the commercial streak and the lack of outdoor festivals that stopped 4 years ago because of a tragic incident at one of the events. On top of this, the varied and eclectic taste across the spectrum, the amount of great DJs per square foot and the new generation of clubbers who is starting to emerge due to Malaysian promoters who are not just putting up events but equally they educate people and push their music boundaries forward. The fact that the festivals are almost nonexistent has confined music to smaller but more numerous venues and this helps reaching out to consumers in an organic way. There have been a steady rise in numbers of electronic music labels, artists have started producing, playing outside the country – regionally, in Europe and Australia and they became exposed to all sorts of styles and vibes. This has expanded their taste and refinement on both the production and the DJing front and huge artists whom they get to see or play alongside have become either a massive influence or a massive inspiration. Venues in more recent years have been preoccupied with the quality of sound, unique selling points and more focus on the music, all traits that resonate with the underground/electronic music culture.

Anthony J: It’s special because it’s growing!! People are taking notice of the scene locally, regionally and internationally.

Terence C: The one thing that makes Malaysia’s electronic music scene special are the crowd. The crowd here enjoy pretty much all types of electronic music. We have the most up for it crowd!

Where are the best places to go experience underground electronic music?

Obadius: Elysium Bar+Terrace, Kyo, Le Noir, Pisco Bar, Privi, Jiro KL, DropKL and more ….

Anthony J: There are several great places in KL including Privi, Elysium, Pisco Bar, Jiro, and Kyo. The cool thing is all these clubs are great and unique.

Terence C: For me the best place/s now to go experience underground electronic music in KL especially, would be Jiro, Ren at Kyo, Elysium, Privi and Under9.

Photo by: Cecile Hournau

Are there certain challenges to being a DJ in your country?

Obadius: Certainly yes!

Looking at few years back (5 / 6 years in particular), the underground scene was very different as of today. The rise of EDM / commercial music and teenagers with just pretty bad taste in music left little room for competition for the house music fans. There were only a few clubs and promoters that were still doing underground parties, despite the little support given at times, there was no sign of give up and fought a good fight. There were places such as Nagaba, Pisco and Calavera who were probably the only few places playing house music at the time.

Promoters such as Ohrwurm were one of the first to initiate this movement and a few years later on, new clubs opened, outdoor festivals became popular and other promoters joined such as Art Xtreme Media, Stereo Therapy, Connected and the underground scene in KL saw a new phase of international bookings and amazing parties. I can easily say the underground scene in KL has matured tremendously since then.

Parties like THE SWEATBOX (by Art Xtreme Media) were born and for me as a resident DJ we saw how our crowds were educated on a weekly basis through consistent musical direction and amazing concept programming by Daniela. The support has been amazing and I am extremely proud to have been part of this team and the whole KL underground scene in general.

Anthony J: I talk to DJ’s and promoters from around the world and the high level challenges are universal!

Terence C: Not that I know of except for the usual challenges of some clubs wanting you to play more friendlier or more commercial and not getting paid on time. I suppose it’s the same everywhere else. You get to work with some cool people and sometimes not so cool people. 🙂

How would you describe your local music scene in 3 words?

Obadius: Underrated, Evolving, Diverse

Anthony J: Relentless, Quality, Talent

Terence C: Vibrant, Exciting, Progressing.

What can listeners expect to hear on FRISKY Loves Malaysia?

Obadius: This particular mix reflects my own evolution within Malaysia’s electronic music scene, and it is a personal and fresh approach to music rendered by my active presence in the scene. As the electronic music market grows, so are the tastes of the selectors. They expand, break boundaries and further our experience as electronic music producers/DJs. Unlike my usual melodic sets with a hint of progressive nuances, this mix touches on the deeper, more eclectic and minimal side of music. I hope you enjoy it and I thank you for the opportunity!

Anthony J: Groovy and deep uniqueness!!

Terence C: Listeners can expect to hear the more deeper, melodic, groovy side of me as a DJ in this mix for Frisky Loves Malaysia. Thank you!

Photo by: Deva Darshan

Get in & experience the best of Malaysia’s Underground on Saturday March 31st starting at 7AM EST / 7PM MYT [convert timezone].

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