FRISKY features a variety of Canada’s best underground DJs with special showcase

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Canada will feature a full day of music with Canada’s best underground DJs.

Reaching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, across almost 10 million square kilometers, Canada really covers a lot of ground. The musical influence of Canada does too. From pop stars, to rock bands, to EDM, Canadians have brought memorable and influential music to fans across the globe. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, highest among government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education, Canada provides an ideal playground for passionate musicians to make their dreams heard.

Although the subject of Canadian music can go on for ages, there is one focus we care about this week: Their Underground Electronic Music. Even within this musical niche, Canada’s electronic musicians provide a wide range of styles, from deep house, to progressive, to techno, many of which you will be hearing on FRISKY’s unique global showcase. From Vancouver to Halifax, Canada has the major cities and tight knit atmosphere to produce this variety of genres with style, and Frisky Loves Canada will be featuring the best flowing rhythms, beautiful melodies, and deep beats from this large and prominent country. Top DJs and producers will be bringing the sounds that define their country’s scene, giving us a glimpse into the nightlife and everyday life of the Canadian Underground DJ. Find out what makes them groove with over 11 hours of mixes on FRISKY Loves Canada, beginning Saturday February 28th at 9AM EST [convert timezone].

Featured DJs
Kevin Shiu
Tone Depth
Johnny Messina
Mystic Mind
Glenn Morrison
Wes Straub
Tim Penner
Blake Sutherland
Jay Tripwire

Don’t miss out on this unique experience, tune in all day Saturday February 28th, beginning at 9AM EST [convert timezone]

Tune In: FRISKY Loves Canada