FRISKY Feature on DJ Magazine Hungary


We’d like to thank DJ Magazine for the extended featured story on FRISKY in their latest print edition of the magazine. DJ Mag wanted to focus on programming of our shows, with a focus on Hungarian artists so they interviewed Giuliano Garau, our Programming Manager & myself for some insights into the overall product.

Here are some of the excerpts from the feature interview (full interview is in the print copy):

Name: Faisal Sultan
City: New York City, USA
Function (in radio relation): Founder / CEO

Name: Giuliano Garau
City: Osaka, Japan
Function (in radio relation): Program & Artist Relations Manager

1. Please introduce yourself. What did you interest/do before the radio?
[Faisal] Im a 38-year old media and music tech geek living in New York City. Ive been involved in media technology startups since the early days of the web, working on many products that are used by millions of people everyday. Besides geeking out, I love photography, cycling and travel in search of awesome food and coffee.

[Giuliano] Im Giuliano, 33 years old, living in Osaka, Japan. I am the program-manager for FRISKY. I keep in touch with the artists and make sure the scheduled shows are broadcasted as planned. I also recruit new dj’s and organize the popular monthly ‘FRISKY Loves’ specials – in which we pick a country or region in the world, and showcase their underground electronic music and DJs.

Before I joined frisky I was a student at a design academy, so while I was designing I was always listening to electronic music and stumbled up on friskyRadio. One thing led to another.

2. How was the start/launch? What was the beginning conception/plan?
[FAISAL] Im afraid there was no ‘Master Plan’ of how FRISKY came to be. In 2001, whilst working on the SHOUTcast streaming server, of which I was one of the early-stage team member, I started a test stream of dj sets. Soon DJs from around the world were contacting me to play their mixes on the stream. So thats how “FRISKY Radio” was born. It was, and still remains a labour of love for us and a way to showcase the music and DJs we love with the world. It has grown mostly thru word-of-mouth and we have never spent any money on advertising. We aim and try to remain true to our underground roots and feature young and talented DJs right alongside the big-name DJs.

3. Do you have favourite broadcast or a special broadcast that you always listen? How much time do you have to listen your own radio?

[Giuliano] FRISKY is always playing in the background as I work or play throughout the day. My day mostly consists of checking out sets from DJ’s that want to be on FRISKY. However I always check out our Artist of the Week feature, especially this year ‘2014’ we have had some awesome guests.

4. What’s your mention about the hungarian (frisky) djs? Do they have chance to be up (cope) to the big old names (Nick Warren, Dave Seaman..etc). Can we show up ourselves near to them?

I think any dj from any country has a chance if they have their heart in the right place and the skills. In this day and age merely having skills is not enough – it helps to be personable and realise that relationships matter. In our case, we work with only selected DJs and when we do – we make sure their careers grow – because as our artists grow, we all grow and benefit.

We have some incredible Hungarian talent that i’m proud to have on FRISKY. In fact some of our djs have been djing alongside Jody Wisternoff in our Get Frisky Hungary party. Even in our programming, we often feature the newer artists alongside industry big names, so that they are seen and heard by more people around the world.

5. What is the situation with getFrisky! parties? It had a lot of station, WMC, LA, Germany and of course Hungary with Jody Wisternoff. What is the short and long plan for the future?

[FAISAL] We put the getFrisky! parties on hold last year because we were focused on development and launch of our new site – which is still in progress. You can get a sense of where we are heading on

With the new site in full development, we can refocus our energy on getFrisky! You will start to see more and more FRISKY-branded events soon. In fact, we have one at the end of March in Liverpool, UK with Dave Seaman and Steve Parry. Ingo Vogelmann, who is our A&R and getFrisky! coordinator is now based in Asia, so expect to see some getFrisky! activity in that region; in addition to around the world.

6. If new djs would like to introduce themselves at your radio how can they do this? What is necessary if somebody would like to follow the hungarian broadcasters and join as a guest sometimes.

[Giuliano] Our submissions guidelines are posted on our website. Since we get tons of submissions a day it is important to make your submission stand out from the crowd. Its not unlike a job application – put some effort into reaching out personally. And cc-ing hundreds of radio stations in a blanket email is the fastest way for us to never even read your email. So make it personal.

7. What is the future of the netradios and what is YOUR mention about the future of the netradios?

[FAISAL] With various on-demand music services available today, there is still a space for ‘pure-play’ internet radios to thrive. One trend that we’ve seen over the years is that human curation, as opposed to algorithms is becoming more and more of a focus of industry giants like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer etc. Internet radios in general have led this curation trend, in that there is always a human behind the scenes creating the playlists and selecting DJs and the music to play on the radio. That is the differentiator and something that we have focused on since the first day of FRISKY. And now we see the rest of the internet catching up to that trend. I just have to say to them: what took you so long?

Hungarian fans – be sure to pick up a copy to read the entire interview!