FRISKY is Experiencing an Awakening with Ashal

R.A. Bakr

Ashal’s new show takes us on an innate new mystical journey.

Music reconnects our inner essence and divine nature. Music is spiritual.

Music turns the notable humdrum and the most challenging moments of life into a deeply resonating human, and sometimes indescribably divine, experience. Music precedes and transcends.

Music is, at its essence, the sound of spirit. Music is a universal Awakening of spiritual expression. Music is one among our most powerful gateways to attach to our spiritual nature — our divine source. No other medium immediately transports on all levels of our existence.

Music has the unique ability to remodel us independently of our thinking mind, to an area uninhibited by the judgments, doubts and fears that too often dictate the narration of our thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Music continues to awaken higher aspirations.

South African DJ and electronic music producer Ashal brings his own Awakening to FRISKY that’s on the rise to be a fan favorite. As for the kind of show this FRISKY newcomer has in store, it is the kind of journey that leaves listeners on a “deep and mystical journey with an element of surprise that takes you to some special place”, says Ashal. It is extremely important for him as an artist to share the artform and personal experiences with listeners.

Life was great, full of fun and adventure. “I remember first getting exposed to dance music through a cousin of mine back in 1996, back then we were listening to Enigma, Chicane, Deep Forest etc” says Ashal. Ashal became inspired by dance music and the whole scene in general. This kick started his early beginnings in 2000 when he got his first pair of decks, “that’s where my musical career started”.

Being a true lover of progressive music, he started to play at outdoor festivals, clubs, and bars in and around South Africa. Spreading his profound deep love of progressive house, the South African was on a mission is to promote these emotive electronic sounds in his own backyard.

His musical style ranges from ambient electronica to deep emotive atmospheric progressive house with ethnic vibe flavors. In fact, Ashal recently picked up heavyweight support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren and further said, “Those who appreciate a true journey will be able to connect with me and my musical style. It is extremely important as you want to share something special with your audience.”

Are you ready for a “spiritual music awakening”? Join Ashal every 3rd Monday, right here on FRISKY for ‘Awakening’ and awaken your soul for a truly unique & magical musical experience.

What currently keeps you inspired and motivated?

Well many things however mostly my wife, kids and also receiving support and feedback from audiences and well-respected DJ’s and producers in the scene.

Has your musical journey, at any point, been a deliberate direction, or did it simply gradually evolve in whatever direction it found?

Music has always been large a part of my life. My musical journey evolved over the years. Initially I started DJ ‘in progressive house. Then by 2012, I took a break from the scene to start and raise my family. In 2016, I started hosting my own radio show featuring guest DJ’s and producers from around the globe. In 2018, I started to produce progressive house and released my first track in December of the same year. From there, it’s just blossomed having released another 7 tracks including remixes to date on well-respected progressive house labels with another 2 tracks scheduled for release later this year.

If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give yourself?

That’s an interesting one. TBH I am mostly happy with the decisions I made, If I could give myself some advice, is to believe in and stay true to yourself. If you have faith in yourself and stay true to what you love, anything is achievable.

What’s your perspective on the state of world music today?

Wow, there’s a lot of music out there today, so with that it makes finding the real gems quite difficult. Although a lot of great music out there and artists continue to push the boundaries and create magical tunes.

If we were to look at the artists you are listening to, who would be on your playlist?

So many to be honest, Yusif, Zone+, Lost Desert, Hermanez, Imran Khan, Moshic, Hernan and the list goes on….

Thank you so much, Ashal, for taking time with me and FRISKY sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun! Before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

Thanks for having me. And yes, I’m excited to announce that my latest track “Kashmir Sunrise” was just released August 10th as part of the Just Movement Summer VA  5 Album alongside really talented artists and producers. And proud to say that there is still more to come later this year! My remixes for Nicholas Van Orton’s Balkan Connection South America label and Ricardo Piedra’s and Dynamic Illusion’s Stardive imprint will be coming out later this year too! With that said, I am really looking forward to sharing some incredible music with the Frisky family.

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