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Felix Kröcher on 20 Years & Faceless Fears

Lauren Krieger

Techno stalwart Felix Kröcher marks 20 years in the electronic music industry with his first release of 2020.

From his beginnings in the underground of Frankfurt to playing some of the biggest global events on the world stage, Felix Kröcher has gathered decades of experience, a wide-spread audience, and a career evident of his continual pursuit of passion. With a plethora of releases on labels like Tronic, Suara, Sincopat, and Filth on Acid, Felix celebrates his 20 years in 2020 with a standout single put out on his own self-titled imprint. An emotional stunner featuring vocals from Haptic, Faceless Fears is one of those tracks that leaves an impact, and one that you’re sure to hear repeated on dancefloors and airwaves again and again.

While some artists may find themselves falling into the same groove, Felix continues to adapt and evolve while always staying true to that which best expresses his feelings. Catch up with him now as he gets ready to make this his biggest year yet.

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As you’re celebrating 20 years in the music industry in 2020, I’d love to take a quick look back: What has been one of your favorite eras of music? Is there a place & time that you would love to time-travel back to?  

Hey guys! Thanks for having me. There were some highlights eras yes. When I used to start out playing in Frankfurt and was fortunate to play clubs like the legendary Cocoon Club or the U60311 that was one of my highlights. But also my show at the legendary Loveparade or my first times at Nature One or Mayday were highlights I’ll never forget. Anyways it’s super cool that everything is developing and now I am looking back on twenty years already. Time is flying! 

Was there a moment for you when you knew that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life, and that you could be successful at it? 

I think it just developed pretty naturally. When I was a young kid I watched the mayday Livestream at home and I already had a pretty special excitement in me. Later on, when I started as an intern at the radio station Sunshine Live, where I still play today I more and more discovered my love for electronic music. One thing came to another and not much later I was touring pretty frequently already. Then I slowly recognized that this what I wanted to do. 

What has been one of the most difficult or challenging times in your career?  

There are always ups and downs of course. I had a time where I needed to take some time off for my self. It’s not always easy of course, but now I am more than happy to have so much planned this year, and it feels great to look back on twenty years filled with music.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve made in your music since you began? What would you say has been consistent since the beginning?  

I think I changed my sound a bit over the years. I was starting with a sub-genre called “Schranz” and now I see my self in various sub-genres of Techno and Tech House. I think it’s alright to develop further as an artist. Still, I play the music for the reason that I love expressing my feelings through music and that will never change. 🙂

What do you think about the scene today – do you think Techno is in a good place right now? Is there anything you wish you could change about the electronic music industry or Techno scene specifically?  

It is! I think techno music is more present than ever here in Germany and that is a great thing. I am pretty happy with all the great festivals & clubs here so there’s not necessarily something I’d like to change. 🙂

Coming to the production side, you’re starting off 2020 strong with the release of “Faceless Fears”. Can you share with us some of the background on this track? What was that collaboration experience like with Haptic? Did you know from the start that you’d like to work with him on this track?

Faceless Fears is a vocal track I did together with Australian based singer/songwriter Haptic. He’s a super talented artist and I intentionally wanted to have a more melancholic piece to kick off the album. I think his vocal just fits the track so perfectly and I am super happy about it. 

What is your usual focus when you get in the studio? Do you have an initial idea of where you want tracks to end up when you begin?

It always changes, to be honest. Sometimes I just fiddle around with sounds until I get to a point, where I think this could be something or I have an initial idea in my head which I want to realize. 🙂 It’s always different!

What do you think makes a track distinctively “Felix Kröcher”? 

A mixture out of a powerful drum groove & deep baselines as well as remarkable synths.