‘Explore’ and Discover Something New with Willscape

R.A. Bakr

Willscape keeps delivering as he hosts his new show right here on FRISKY – ‘Explore’. He manages to bring something for every listener. “I want[ed] to give the listener the opportunity to tune in, whether listening while doing something else or just to escape for a bit and let them Explore with their ears and mind”, he says.

The Las Vegas and San Francisco resident-based deejay and producer, Willscape, embodies melodic dream state sounds fortified with the best of progressive house and deep techno. His deliverance of hypnotic grooves reinforces the deep atmospheric sound combinations that no doubt leaves everyone craving more. As pointed out during our last interview, he hopes his music impacts “people with the feeling, want or need to groove followed by an emotional connection”.

Being a new addition to FRISKY, Willscape further solidifies his standing not only in the underground electronic music sphere, but on a global stage. So, tune in every fourth Thursday right here on FRISKY starting at 6pm EST|3pm PST and ‘Explore’ fun progressive house beats each and every month with Willscape.

FRISKY News takes a closer look into Willscape’s creative world as he and I discussed more about his show Explore and gives us a glimpse into his creative production setup.

Hi Chris! Wow, this is truly exciting! From recently being invited to do a special Feelin’ Frisky guest mix to becoming one of FRISKY’s Artist of the Week – you are now bringing awesomeness to FRISKY every month with your new show. Describe your thoughts about being part of the FRISKY family.

Could not be happier to be joining such a great family! Everyone has already been so welcoming, inviting, and friendly.

Tell us about your show.

I’m excited to bring to life my show Explore! With so many of us having to live busy lives, juggling everything to get through the day, I wanted to give the listener the opportunity to tune in, whether listening while doing something else or just to escape for a bit, and let them Explore with their ears and mind, imagining where they might be while listening to what they hear, being their musical tour guide.

For those who already follow your music, is there anything special we should be on the lookout for?

When it comes to my shows, new music is always the focus, and this will continue on Explore!

And what would you say that basically sets your FRISKY show apart from the norm?

In my show, I will focus on music that is either not released yet, or music that it not necessarily in the spotlight. With so much accessibility to music these days with technology, which is awesome, the spotlight music will be heard or can be easily found. As a DJ, I want to give a chance to music that may not be heard, that I think needs to be heard.

How have you been preparing for your new show(s) with FRISKY? And what do you look for in a featured track?

Preparation always starts with promos, if an artist or a label has taken the time to send me their music, as long as it fits the sound of the show, I appreciate that and want to return the favor by featuring that music first. I also enjoy spending countless hours digging through recent releases to find those gems that make the show an experience and not just a playlist.

Willscape DJing

How much time on average does it take for you to complete any said production?

This really varies. From my experience, after years of practice and learning, eventually I fell into a flow, where if I don’t have the foundation of a track started within 3 or 4 hours of undivided attention, it wasn’t a very productive session. I try to get 75% of the track done within that time frame, and then I can spend hours here and there finishing and fine tuning it for release. Some days I am lucky to have a good flow and can knock out an entire track in 7-8 hours.

Outside your own music, what’s a track/artist you enjoy listening to that would surprise us?

Bad Bunny – Callaíta! I am a huge fan of Latin trap / reggaeton!

When creating music, what’s more stressful or has the most pressure: An Original, a Track Remix, or Collaboration? Why?

Collaborations & Remixes can be challenging but rewarding. Unlike an Original, many opinions are involved to having the collaboration or remix be accepted. For Remixes, personally I try to pay as much respect to the main element I feel makes the original version, then give it my twist which is usually club focused. With collaborations I found a good workflow where either myself or the collaborator(s) make about half of the elements, then give that to the other to complete. Then review at the end to see if anything needs to be changed or missing.

The evolution of tech in the industry has been profound. Do you find yourself intimidated by the complexity of the music tech world (i.e. plug-ins, DAWs, etc.)? And how would you describe your studio and DAW setup?

I completely embrace the music tech world! I am not intimidated by the complexity or trying new analog or digital equipment, that is a really great part of the process of producing and keeping things interesting. In my earlier days of producing, I tried a lot of hardware, but never could get into a good workflow with it, so I switched to mostly digital. Currently I use Ableton, the built-in tools, with a keyboard midi controller and a few tools like KICK2, Serum and Kontakt. I have found that I have had better success with my setup becoming very familiar with fewer tools that I really like rather than having tons of products that I have to spend most of my time figuring them out.


And on that note, what’s your idyllic producing environment?

For the first 3-4 hours of a production as I mentioned above, I need complete and total focus, without distraction. Music, from my experience, comes from experimenting, trial and error and hitting notes until a track starts to take form. Once the track hits that point where it has its foundation, I don’t need to have as much solitude and focus to complete it, so I could wrap it up on my laptop waiting for a flight.

Thank you, Chris for taking time with me (again) and speaking to FRISKY News. As always, it’s an absolute pleasure. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Thanks for the interview, I appreciate it! I’m looking forward to the many good years to come with everyone at FRISKY.

Listen to Explore now: