Experience the Musical Depths of Tamara Montenegro on Wanderlust

Lauren Krieger

Tamara Montenegro showcases her deep knowledge and passion for music with Wanderlust

Music runs deeply through Tamara Montenegro. From acoustic research, design, live performances, soundtrack composition, film making, DJing and more, Tamara has a unparalleled connection to sound. Hailing from Nicaragua, where she was one of the pioneers of their electronic music scene, her multicultural elements combined with her nomadic spirit brings a unique, spiritual, and storytelling atmosphere to her music. With a Masters in Sound Art, where she did a thesis on psychoacoustics and the altering of time-space perception through sound, she understands the value of music on a multitude of levels. Tamara believes in its power to bring about social development, healing, action and change, considering DJing an act of urban shamanism.

With many years performing as a DJ and artist, she now will be sharing her messages through DEEP, with the premiere of her show Wanderlust on November 28th @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]

How did you first get involved in electronic music?

I had been involved with music since early in my life, but it was during the early 2000s that the underground rave scene in Montreal, Canada absorbed me. I lived half my adolescent and young adult life there. It was the perfect time of my life to be there. I became enamoured by the plethora of styles: drum&bass, electro, and of course house music, and would dance endless hours submerged within the multi-realms the afterhour clubs and warehouse raves.

Slowly, I could not avoid just desiring to try out my own version of driving a crowd into sublimation. I felt I could do it, that this kind of loopy hypnotizing music could speak through me somehow.

What messages or stories do you aim to share through your music?

Music has many purposes according to the kind of intention we put in it.

I have ventured through many styles of djing and even more producing. I haven’t released all the music I have ever produced, not even close. The industry and marketing are tricky.  My music has tended to explore as many emotions as I have felt. But… I guess one thing remains the same. That the dancefloor to me is a ritual space where people want to feel different things than the everyday superficial flow of life, it’s a place to go within, so the kind of music I make for the dancefloor is intended to create the space to look inside and explore oneself, to forget the mind and activate the spirit in a sort of ecstatic trance.

How does your artistic project, Heart in Nature, relate to your work as a DJ?

Heart in Nature is a multi-phonic (multisource audio), beatless musical journey through cultural and biophonic landscapes. A sort of life soundtrack session.

What can listeners expect to hear on Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is a surreal realm where we travel through exotic world music harmoniously fused with electronic synthesis.

We can expect mid-tempo beats, specs of glitch, sublime deep house, tribal drumming, techy beats, illustrious voices from far and wide and beautiful instrumentation from all corners of the world.

It is a kind of podcast I always wanted to make, because it is so infinite and with which we can travel without frontiers with our spirits.

From sublime to intense, Wanderlust brings on a realm where we can visit ancient sounds that lift spiritual vibrations on the dancefloor.

Wanderlust is sure to be a special experience, tune into the premiere on November 28th @ 1PM [convert timezone] on DEEP or listen on-demand anytime after on FRISKY Apps.