Fleeting Passage

Eric Shans Brings Fleeting Passages of Imaginary Time to CHILL

R.A. Bakr

As a continuation from my earlier interview with Eric, we discuss his new show and challenges as a music artist.

Eric Shans believes strongly that music is a form of escape – a place where we each pick and choose our vices. His new show here on FRISKY’s CHILL Channel, ‘Fleeting Passage’ allows us to do just that – escape. Combined with Eric’s ambient and downtempo sounds, you’ll find yourself in stories of imaginary time told through the sound design, rhythms, and atmospheres. “Due to instrumental nature of many tracks, as listeners, you’re able to often conjure up your own images through the music”, he shared with me during our last interview. And further added, “I really like this, it can do a number of things, for instance transporting and shifting one’s mind to other worlds and zones or it can serve as good background music too”.

Congratulations Eric on getting your show with FRISKY! I’m super excited for you. Lots happened since we last spoke & original interview with you last month regarding your FRISKY CHILL guest mix. What were your thoughts when you received the news about being part of the FRISKY family?

Thank you! I was really so happy to hear that they wanted me to do a monthly mix and I know that there’s so many talented people on FRISKY that are contributing to their respective shows. There’s so much good music out there both new and old and it’s one of my favorite things to do, weaving together songs I love, to share with the world. I also thought it’d be a good avenue to highlight some of the stuff on one of my own labels that release this type of music: 3Bridge Elements as myself and Greg Cuoco (who I run 3Bridge Records and 3Bridge Elements with) are really proud of the work that’s on there.

Let’s talk more about your new show, have you decided on a name for it? If so, what is the meaning behind it?

I decided to call it “Fleeting Passage”. Many times, ambient and downtempo pieces are like vignettes, captures of moments in imaginary time that often pass by before we know it. I love the fact that you can often create your own interpretation and stories with the music that’s often instrumental in nature. A soundtrack for your daily life of sorts.

With that said, tell me more about the themes (your artistic representation) your show personally captures for you.

This particular show starts with some mostly beat less ambient and then moves into more percussive material and finally ends where it began. I think this is sort of like a day in the life of someone. We get up, we slowly awake, get our day going and face whatever challenges it may have, and at the end of it we hopefully sleep in peace. It is never that simple really [laughs]. But, I think my real goal with the show is to bring people to a place of calm, especially with all of the chaos in people’s lives and the world these days.

When we last spoke, you said “the challenge really lies with getting people interested in what you’re doing and getting heard”. Describe how these challenges help you grow and keep learning as an artist. What would you tell your younger self?

I think I would say, don’t give up ever. Keep doing what you’re doing and be persistent. You should create for you and no one else. Sure, it’s nice to get recognition, possibly make money, and all of that, but always do it for you and if other people like it and/or catch on, all the better. Work hard and always find ways to improve your craft. And try not to listen to people’s criticisms who don’t matter to you. I know it’s hard because some people are just mean spirited. But again, this is your art. Own it and be proud of it. At the same time, do accept constructive opinions which might help you.

For many, music possesses a healing quality that offers a form of escape. What’s your thoughts on this?

I couldn’t agree more. There have been times when I’ve felt down and out hearing the right song or a good night of dancing/hearing music can really uplift your spirits, cope with feelings, or at least help you temporarily forget what you’re going through.

Let’s discuss more about your show. And what would you like/hope listeners grasp as a take-a-way from tuning in?

I’d love for listeners to hear music that they might not have heard before and get turned onto new artists. Radio shows for me have always been a good way to do this. When you hear something and it catches your ear, it’s a great feeling and even better when you go out and seek/find what you’ve heard.

Time for fun Q & A. Is there anyone you’ve ever thought of to trade places with for a day?

I think it’d be really interesting to trade places with an oceanographer. I’ve always had a fascination with aquatic life and sea creatures and to study them and their habitats would be stunning.

And if you were a superhero, what superpowers would you like to have? Why?

I think it would definitely be to fly. For two reasons – 1) I could get to places quicker (and travel to more of them!) and 2) to see the view from the above like a bottomless plane, which I think would be amazing!

Thank you Eric, it’s been an absolute treat to interview and follow-up with you again for FRISKY. Therefore, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

Thank you. I hope everyone who hears the show enjoys it and it is really a pleasure to be doing it. And feel free to send any feedback/thoughts my way!

Tune into the premiere on Feburary 17th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.