Emi Galvan Gets Flowing on FRISKY

Priya Sen

Get to know Emi Galvan as his new show “Flowing” premieres on DEEP

Emi Galvan is a rare breed, as adept in percolating his own sounds, such as Human on Sudbeat to Trappist on Movement Recordings, onward to prolific reworks of Petrichor from Huminal and Last Legs by Dustin Nantais on Manual Music, to drop some. Not stopping there, through the course of his dashing career he has sought to bewitch his audience with gravitational pulls of Progressive House on to melodic Techno that withstands the test of time, the Argentine has been making big waves in the electronic dance music circuit with carnival effect, leaving only love in casualties. FRISKY is very happy to announce the man of the hour, and to toast the new addition of Emi Galvan to the burgeoning roster, with his own show premiering on its airwaves this month.

It’s fitting to introduce the mind behind the machine to our followers; we present Galvan at his sweetest best…

Catching up with one of Buenos Aires’ brightest stars is easy, affable and awesome, the ever abundant talent of Emi Galvan is unraveled slowly but surely in this piece. To begin with, I ask him about his formative years, if he had any troubles or hurdles to cross in a city that’s considered dance royalty of the world and he is quick to say:

“Thanks to you for the interview. Not really. I am self-taught and I had friends who helped and guided me. I am very curious and I like to study everything. The people here love the music and they support you constantly, which are very important, since any musical career is a hard way of making a living.”

It’s always nice to know how an artist started up in the early days and my next question is obvious when I inquire as to how Emi discovered dance music, and when was it that he decided to take it up as his profession, and he is matter of fact in his musings.

“I discovered electronic music when I was a kid, making music with the computer. At the time I had a Sound Blaster 16 and a $ 2 speakers, it sounded horrible, but I liked to make music to play along with my guitar, thereafter I discovered electronic music parties several years down the line with Creamfields. Seeing artists such as Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Groove Armada was an eye opener, and there I discovered the world of the DJ.”

When I ask how his first ever gigs turned out, and if he knows to play any musical instruments he says,

“I started like almost everyone, playing at private parties and bars. Being able to play the music you like and see how people react great is a beautiful experience. I learned a lot in each gig and yes, I play the Guitar since when I was 9 years old and I also sing. I played more than 15 years in Metal, Rock, and Punk bands. I also love Drums. I studied at the DJ Academy of Buenos Aires. I did courses to learn to play with CDJs and also with Traktor. But as I said before, I am very curious and when I went to do the courses I already knew a lot about what they taught me, thanks to the biggest academy in the world, which is YouTube.”

It’s important to understand how one of your favourite artists of the scene got his head stuck in to making his own music and when the creative process and the idea of making something from scratch bite him, also a DJ friend told me to ask how he gets such crazy grooves in there and he chuckles,

“Well, I think those crazy rhythms come from when I was in high school and the teacher told me Galván, can you please stop playing the Drums (referring to my desk, I literally hit the desk and played the drums. I always have some rhythm of the Drums and melodies in my head and knowing how to play it helps you a lot when creating the groove of the track.”

I am also curious to know as to when he makes his own music, what the first things are that he looks for? Perhaps it’s atmosphere, or drama with strings and chord play, or if he is just huge on melody, and he spills the beans:

“I try to ‘listen’ what the song/track is telling me. I like the atmospheres, the melodies and even more the harmonisations. I also play with my own voice. When I have at least 2 chords in my head, it is inevitable to imagine a melody for my voice. Many times I sing and record myself; others replace that melody with some other instrument. I understand that many people love tracks with vocals and others not so much, so many times I make versions with and without them.”

A sneaky little peek in to his studio gear is a must.

“Well, I’m a PC user; I produce with Ableton Live 10. I have a pair of EVE SC208 monitors (highly recommended), Universal Audio Apollo Twin audio board, a Virus Ti Snow synthesizer, a MidiPlus 25 Origin keyboard, a microphone MXL condenser, two electric guitars and an acoustic one just in case.”

Emi is headed to Amsterdam Dance Event later in the month, for fans and followers in the city so excited for him to get out there. It immediately sort of niggles my mind to ask about what preparations he’s up to in this regard, and he is enthusiastic to explain:

“Yes, I am very excited! I’m going to play on October 18th at Club NL along with many great artists. This is going to be my first tour in Europe and I’m going to play in Holland, Spain, Hungary and Greece. It is a dream come true to be able to know so many places thanks to my music. I’m really looking forward to it.

Well I’m working a lot, listening and organizing a lot of music to be prepared for any situation. I really do not know how it’s going to be, so it’s best to be prepared overall and for any type of scenario.”

Which may not indicate as to the kind of performer he is, whether it be an on the fly DJ as opposed to creating his sets for the night at hand in advance. Emi’s observations are in depth for this one:

“When I started Djing I created playlists. Then I started to learn and understand how each track works and at what time. Now I like to create a folder with the tracks that I would like to play without any particular order attached to it. I also have folders for intensity, style, etc. and I am playing between the different folders.

I like to define the first and last track of the set, as if it were an intro/outro, but then I like to play freely. I learned that by playing B2B, in that way you cannot prepare anything, you have to read the dance floor, feel and play.”

When I goad him to tell me which his favourite club is at the moment, his response leaves no doubt in the mind about the place of his choice being really on top of its clubbing game.

“I think the best club where I played was Crobar Studio. The audio system for the people and for the DJ, is very good, the same with the lighting. I felt very comfortable there. There are many good clubs in Argentina, but few that have a proper monitoring for the artist. I almost always end up mixing completely with my headphones.”

It’s really important to understand where the greatest music is coming out of in that given period of time, and the imprints that are pushing the tempo for the right sounds, or even to say sounds that leave a lasting impression in the minds of the club going community, and Galvan’s quite forth-coming to choose the aesthetics and dynamics of those that are really doing the business for him:

“Well there are a lot of them around, but the most important to me are Sudbeat, The Soundgarden, Replug, AnjunaDeep, Movement Recordings, Manual Music and ICONYC”.

I think it’s fair to say that each great composer defines his language and basically comes up with a new language. But within these languages, the order of rhythm and the order of harmony work pretty much in the same way to suggest that there are favourites at any given point in time, even if it were transient. So I dare him to give me his, if it came to the end of the world and he were playing one last gig, what would be his top 5 tracks that he would definitely drop, and the Argentinian obliges us:

“Hard decision, but here we go…
Black 8 – TNT
Emi Galvan – Dreams
Gorillaz – Busted and Blue (Yotto Remix)
Emi Galvan – Human
Pachanga Boys – Time”

It’s a fact that Emi is one of the freshest producers to come out in recent times, and has been on top of his production game and in a short time, releasing with some of the best imprints in the dance music business. I am raring to know whether he fashions his work to suit the sensibilities of the labels in question such as Sudbeat, Movement Recordings, The Soundgarden, Balkan Connection to name some, and he retorts simply,

“The truth is that everything happened very fast. I began to produce electronic music three years ago and it is a pleasure to be able to release my music in so many good labels. Having said that, I do not do anything “customizable” for the labels. I do what comes to my mind and I think it can work, always within the world of Progressive House and Techno. It has to have a good rhythm to dance and a good melody that generates something in your heart.”

And apart from all this, does he have any other pursuits and to what projects or gigs is he looking forward to this year? And he pounces on the fact that he is pretty busy:

“No. Thank God now I dedicate myself only to music. To the second part of your question well there’s a lot going on. As I mentioned before, the European tour this month. And also I am very anxious to travel my country and play in places where I have not been before, such as La Rioja, Puerto Madryn, Santa Cruz and more that is to be confirmed.”

It’s an exciting time at FRISKY with Emi joining the roster with his own show, I do want to ask on behalf of his fans and followers if he is looking to create a certain je ne sais quoi of his own, and perhaps try to keep his sets different from the other artists, so as to not sound similar, and he leaves us with:

“I’m very enthusiastic about starting the show. The truth is that there is a lot of new music every day and every DJ has his tastes and his own style. On the radio show I usually play different music than the one I play live, something more to listen at home but at the same time if you play it loud, you can also dance in the kitchen, so there you go.”

Tune into the premiere of Flowing on October 17th @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.