D’Wachman Unites With Lemon8 & Zoyzi to Release “Grateful” on Manmademusic

Lauren Krieger

It is important to remind ourselves of all that there is to be grateful for. For many of us, it’s the music that first comes to mind when we think of what we are most thankful for; its ability to help us express our feelings and support our interconnectedness is continuously enriching our lives. D’Wachman’s new EP on Manmademusic represents this special role of music, with the aptly titled “Grateful” showcasing the value of friendship, comradery, and emotional connection that comes from this special form of art.

With a remix by Lemon8 & Zoyzi bringing veteran and new talent together for a fresh sound, this driving Progressive EP is a powerful release. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look into the people who created “Grateful” and what it means to them.

It will also be available on limited vinyl release – stay tuned!

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D'Wachman Grateful EP Artwork

Spanish DJ & Producer José Carlos aka D’Wachman has been passionate about the music for decades, playing a variety of styles across the underground electronic music spectrum with energy and enthusiasm and aiming to connect body and soul through every beat.

I’d love to hear the story of this track, can you tell us more about the inspiration behind it?

D’W: The title of the track says it all, it is my way of thanking two things: One is life for giving me the opportunity to dedicate my life to my passion, to be able to express my feelings through music.

And another is to thank my friend Jose Luís, whom we all knew as “Mirlo”, how happy he made me to work together in his club, for enjoying my sessions so much, for having me and having that friendship that we had for 30 years. 

Wherever he is, this track is for him.

What is important for you to communicate or share as an artist?

D’W: In all the tracks that I do I express my feelings, my emotional state. I try to tell a story, a specific moment in my life. It’s my way of telling the world how I feel.

What do you appreciate about the remix for your track?

D’W: When someone does an rmx of my tracks I like to see what they have felt, what has produced in their heart, what personal vision they have of the original track.

It is very important that whoever does the rmx feels that the original track has transmitted feelings.

What do you think about being a part of the Manmademusic label again?

D’W: I like the musical line that they carry, the care in the design, and that it is not about publishing quickly and anxiously and it is better to treat each release with the importance it deserves for all the work and time that I dedicate to it. A little more promotion and visibility would be better so that all the work of the label is noticed and people and producers take more interest in the label.

Harry Lemon aka LEMON8 has been at the forefront of dance music both as a DJ and producer, whilst producing a soundtrack of a generation at the same time. Lemon’s work has always remained relevant and very much in demand, gaining him rave reviews with every release and a now legendary status that only few can achieve.

With a highly personal and distinct sound that she has taken across radio stations and dancefloors to set souls alight, in hopes of becoming a mainstay in the club & festival scene, and producing her own material, Zoyzi is rapidly becoming a rising artist in her own right.

What sparked your interest in working on this remix?

L8 & Z: Well, first of all we are both with the Origin agency and we happen to have the same musical taste. We also get along nicely and became good friends. And with no gigs in these crazy times, this is also the way to stay relevant and have fun doing it. Luckily in this day and age we can work together without actually being together although that would have been preferred of course.

Which part(s) of the track did you want to be sure to feature on your remix? Was there a particular sound or feeling that you wanted to keep or emphasize?

L8 & Z: For me personally it was all about the strings. That said; because of the chords in it (major to minor) it proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. So the solution was to start with a base tone in the first 2 and a half minutes and change it to a different one without interrupting the flow or what was in our head initially. I’m really happy with the way it came out. Though it’s 10 minutes long, the way it’s arranged makes it feel much shorter and into my ears at least, keeps the attention.

What is something you always try to include in your productions?

L8 & Z: I always just go with the flow and see what happens. I like to surprise myself and also hate to repeat myself. That helps though. However, it takes longer to finish it when you don’t work with a template. The good thing is that it sounds original though it will always sound like me. Me and Zoyzi in this case.

What did you enjoy most about working on this track?

L8 & Z: Just to be creative with what I have as a start. At the end of the day it’s hard work. When I’m close to the finish line and I finally can hear the result I can enjoy it. Before that it’s always a struggle. In this case more so because Zoyzi and I couldn’t be together physically. So as with anything I produce, whether it’s a remix or an original production, I can only really enjoy it once it’s close to being finished. And yes I did and I do.

Is there anything else that you would like listeners to know?

L8 & Z: As always, even after decades of producing music and remixes, I still feel honored when I get asked to have my interpretation of someone else’s music. And also very grateful when people react positively to it once it gets released, whether it’s a big time DJ or a bedroom bedlam. Production is new to Zoyzi so it will feel different to her I’m sure, but I know that we’re both extremely excited about this one and can’t wait for the reactions once it comes out.

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