Dreamers: A Label From & For the Heart

Lauren Krieger

Fernando Ferreyra’s label Dreamers launches with Sebastian Busto’s Traveling EP

Fernando Ferreyra’s Dreamers has continued to grow and spread his musical messages. From the beginning of the show on FRISKY in 2009, Dreamers has become a favorite around the world, delivering progressive house and other underground genres full of “melodies and heavenly harmonies”. Taking the music from the airwaves to the dance floor, Dreamers Showcases can be experienced across Argentina, with past shows featuring Fernando Ferreyra along with DJs such as Gerardo Boscarino, Frangelico, and Lucas Rossi. In order to take the continually refined Dreamers sound even further, and inspired by friends who had passed away, Fernando founded his own label. Called “Dreamers” of course! 🙂

Learn more about this project & listen to the first beautiful release:

What inspired you to begin the label?

Hello Lauren, thank you very much for the support of this new personal project. The launch of Dreamers as a label, comes as a personal goal I had for many years, arises as a need that the type of music that I like, regardless of genre, has a place in the biggest stores.

Many years ago, with a friend now deceased, Nick Lay, we dreamed all this, the show in Frisky, the radioshow’s showcase around the world, and the label, that’s why all my projects carry this name, Dreamers.

But my final decision was inspired, when Luis Kiverling dies, he taught me a lot, I deal with artists, promotion, even without my stamp, I felt like he was preparing me to continue his way, and that is what today I’m doing, I try to follow in Luis’s footsteps, in addition to the support of many djs / producers colleagues and above all friends, who have insisted for years that I do.

What do you feel will distinguish your Dreamers sound?

I hope it is in this way, hehe, as in another interview I mentioned, I am an extreme lover of music in general, I like the Progressive House, but above all that has good melodies, good harmonies, good sound arrangements, all that music that generates something to me, this is the music that will distinguish to Dreamers, the musical quality as premise, and in second order the place to many artists, excellent them that do not take place.

What are some of your main goals in running the label?

The main objective, is to be able to spread very good music, very good music, that when the listener of my artists feels to listen, I leave something in his heart, in his soul, that is what I intend of this project.

Will you be running everything yourself or is there a team on board?

At the moment, I am in charge of all the areas of the internal works of the seal, to the extent that I can do it alone, but I suppose that in the future I will need a team with me, for the distribution I have chosen Proton, for the Inflyte promotion, as an analogous mastering service, Pangea Mastering Studio, and for the general design of VOX brand.

What is coming up first for Dreamers?

The first EP of Dreamers is nothing less than by Sebastian Busto, a great friend, and above all an incredible musician, he will sweeten our ears with 3 tracks, motivated by his latest experiences, traveling to Europe, an EP called Traveling.

I think that without planning much, the totality of the artists, who have already sealed their works in Dreamers, are Argentine artists, I find in the music that comes from them, this pleasure sensation when listening to their works.

I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next!

Listen to the latest episode of Dreamers now on FRISKY:

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