DJ MBryan

Dream Sequence: Dive Deep into Extensions of Mind, Music & Soul with MBryan

R.A. Bakr

Soul touching, emotive and eclectic. This best describes the sound of FRISKY’s new addition, MBryan. Never afraid going too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy that thrive upon inspiration and love for his craft – Music.

MBryan infuses all pieces of beloved music with beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, ominous basslines, and occasional vocal hooks – while keeping just enough foot-shuffling house beats.

His music embodies the collective genre combination he grew up with ranging from funk, European electronica and synth-infused 80s music. “From a very young age, I started listening to all musical genres”, he said. “I have a connection with music that is inherent to my family context. Several generations of my family have dedicated themselves to arts and music, namely my father who plays the piano. My interest in music was always present because it was part of my daily life.”


From a young age MBryan was “mixing the decks” spending countless hours equipped with just his cassette deck and two turntables at birthday and garage parties organized by my friends. “I was always chosen to oversee the music. Afterwards, I started receiving invitations to play music at school parties”, he shares, “and I haven’t stopped since”. “My father is a great collector and music connoisseur and I inherited this quality from him”, MBryan told FRISKY.

When asked about primary influence(s), without hesitation he mentioned his father. “My father’s band and the whole 80’s decade marked a great musical revolution loaded with quality influence”.

MBryan is no stranger to FRISKY. In fact, February 2018, he did a mix for Darper’s ‘Electric Fiction’ show. The mix showcased downtempo beats with minor key signatures all from an amazing track selection mixed to perfection. His philosophical mindset is simple, as he describes, “I do not think when I’m playing, I just feel it and let myself go. I simply let it flow. The music is meant to share sensations, to raise the soul”.

As a deep house and melodic techno fan, MBryan likes to consider his music deep and empowering, enabling us to breathe the essence of life – sitting back relaxing letting the music flow taking us away from daily stresses. ‘Dream Sequence’ is that place. “I just consider my journeys an extension of a beautiful dream”, he tells me.

Dream Sequence is a show about extension of body and soul. As all music, there’s a sense of healing and escape. As MBryan explains, “it is difficult to find a single part of the human body that is not influenced by musical tones …. I cannot imagine a world without music, without rhythm”.

Join MBryan for your very own ‘Dream Sequence’ right here on FRISKY.

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