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Catch the premiere of Different Minds from Lucas Rossi

Born in Cordoba, Lucas Rossi was raised under the influence of the greats of the progressive house scene. It wasn’t long after his introduction to electronic music that he was behind the decks for himself, playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry at globally renowned venues including Bahrain in Buenos Aires, La Boite in Tucuman, Dorian Gray in Cordoba, Del Mar Bar in Rosario, and the Music in the Desert festival. Not only was he sharing the DJ booth with industry greats, his music was getting in their hands and being played to a widely spread global audience. With releases on the labels such as Balkan Connection, Stripped Recordings, Suffused Music, Particles, and many more, Lucas’ music was being picked up by influencers that include Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Dale Middleton, Fernando Ferreyra, Martin Garcia, and Marcelo Vasami.

Featuring a sound that has remained true to his progressive roots, with beautiful melodies and deep grooves, Lucas continues putting his own fresh perspective on the music. Get a taste for yourself with his popular Artist of the Week mix now: FRISKY | Artist of the Week.

With his new show premiering Wednesday March 21st @ 9AM EST [convert timezone], Lucas Rossi will be bringing the latest from the Argentinean Underground every month exclusively on FRISKY.

Get the inside info from Lucas Rossi before the launch:

What styles or qualities of music resonate most with you?

The styles that most characterize me are the Deep House and the Progressive House.

Who are some of your biggest influences, past and present?

At first it was Pryda and today my biggest influences are Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren

What has been one of your favorite moments in your career?

I think that listening to my music live from the hand of my references is still for me one of the most important and important moments for me.

What do you feel are your greatest challenges as a DJ and a producer?

As a DJ, my biggest challenge is to be able to share a stage with one of my referents and as a producer it is possible to reach the labels of them as well.

What do you love most about what you do?

I believe that having been able to reach people through my music, which is my way of expressing what I can not say in words, has been the most rewarding aspect of my work.

What does the show name “Different Minds” mean to you?

The name I have related to my way of expressing myself through music, since many of the people who have listened to my sets and also live have told me that it was “different” from others who had heard, both in the selection of the tracks as well as in the mixes, so that led me to name it “Different Minds”.

What do you hope listeners experience when they tune into to your show?

I like to focus a lot on the melodies, the musical trips, trying to tell a story through my sets, I also like to give space to those new or unknown artists who are also in search of a dream.

So I hope they experience a trip when they listen to me.

Different Minds premieres on FRISKY at 9AM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand & offline with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps:

Lucas Rossi – Different Minds