Black 8 Solid

Dive DEEP into Black 8’s Solid Sounds

R.A. Bakr

Just like a “solid” game of pool – we are always listening to “solid” musical sounds. FRISKY sits down and chats with Black 8. His new show “Solid” will be added to a growing list of awesomeness on DEEP.

When one thinks of Egypt, it usually isn’t about the nightlife or especially the Egyptian underground ‘rave’/house scene. Knowing firsthand, I can attest that indeed an underground electronic music and dance culture has existed starting from the early days of the house and trance masterminds in the 1990’s. Has keeping a unified underground music culture been difficult in Egypt? Of course. From economic struggles and the political revolution strife of the Arab Spring to recent government censorship of media and the arts, Egypt’s underground music artists have usually bypassed these hurdles because technology has been on their side.

Musicians that refuse traditional ‘record labels’ find recourse directly thru the internet. The early 2000’s gave us Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and other social media platforms that has allowed Egypt’s emerging artists to have a voice. With onset of the social media evolution, Cairo’s underground scene has manifested itself over the past 2 decades in hyper-speed.

With shifts in electronic music and the rising underground culture that was once Egypt’s best kept secret – Egypt now hosts a vast number of emerging electronic artists. One of the country’s newest electronic music artists is Black 8.

Black 8 is considered one of Egypt’s talented and rising deejays/producers. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, he’s had an ear for music that leaves him excited searching for more. “As you know, Cairo is a busy city, but it couldn’t take me away from loving music”, he said and later reflected by saying, “Music runs in my veins and who could resist music anyways?” Having such a career entails commitment and as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

Black 8 started to discover the energy and enthusiasm of the electronic music trend as early as 2006 when he started experimenting with tribal house. He then wanted to entertain and prove his talent as a disc jockey and as he shared with me, his “start was unplanned”. He explained by saying, “I [he] started by mixing tracks like I found that many others could do, so I thought about what makes someone special than the other”. It wasn’t until 2009 that he started to test out progressive house. He recorded his first mix episode and the rest is history: “I wanted something personal and special to be born right in front of me – which I saw – and that was producing”, he tells me.

Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren have been his main inspiration and as he shared with FRISKY, “I learnt production and got addicted to it especially when I have seen my music played all over the world; and indeed I wouldn’t have done this without Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo”.

Black 8 has surprised us with stunning and unique productions. His first tracks ‘Too Far Away to Reach’ and ‘Nostalgia’ have been well received globally and supported by both Warren and Cattaneo. I asked Black 8 about his main influences when doing production work. “Yeah well that’s kind of hard to explain really”, he said, “they just pop out like that and snap… as you know music comes through ideas”

From time to time you can catch Black 8 deejaying at Space Sharm. And he will continue to produce music for all to enjoy. With the excitement of new tunes and a new generation of music, Black 8 has diversified to deep progressive house with a touches of techno. Therefore, there’s no doubt why Black 8 caught FRISKY’s eye.

Black 8’s new show Solid will be full of exciting tracks from his favorite style. “I receive a lot of promos from unknown artists so I really want to support their tracks like how I was once supported”, he added.

When Black 8 isn’t working on new music, he likes to go horse riding, play billiards, go kart racing, enjoy the beach and most of all spend quality time with his wife.

Tune in and catch Black 8’s show Solid right here on FRISKY’s Deep channel. And when not tuning in, follow Black 8 via his social media:


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