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With its Debut Release, Minds Alike Connects a Creative Community

Lauren Krieger

One of the greatest things about electronic music is its ability to bring people together. Often we find that when we share the same taste in music, many other aspects of our lives are shared as well, and deep ties can be forged across languages and cultures. It’s this quality which is the basis behind the aptly named “Minds Alike”. With a friendship that was built through their combined passion for deep underground electronic music, Baez and Samihe have worked together to create a new label that aims to reach beyond just releasing tracks to become a connection point for a global community. Intended as a destination for the open-minded by appealing to those who are interested in explorative soundscapes and authentic expressions, the music released on Minds Alike is the catalyst that inspires further creative connections.

FRISKY listeners are familiar with Baez, his popular DEEP show Fordel features an emotional, thought-provoking sound which showcases the depth and breadth with which he takes his music. When it comes to releases on Minds Alike, Baez has learned to “trust his taste”, and to take on music which will fill not only his own preferences but the bigger picture of the label’s purpose. Sharing this approach is his partner Samihe, whose similar tastes yet different perspective combines for an ideal partnership.

Minds Alike 001 Cover

It is fitting that it’s this combination that introduces Minds Alike to the world with their premiere EP The Heart Rattles, produced by Samihe and featuring a remix from Baez. This intricate and emotional release feels like the perfect introduction to Minds Alike Records, inviting listeners into the world they have created with an intimacy found in its deep rhythms and moody, meaningful melodies. It is music that you feel in your heart, that draws you in from the first note as you can’t help but let it transport you for the whole journey. It’s these emotional connections that we feel through electronic music that brings our deepest selves together, and what better way to build a new artistic community than through music made with this intention?

Aiming for an eclectic yet cohesive catalog, Minds Alike has several more releases in the works which represent their diverse approach to music. Coming up in February the tables have turned with an EP from Baez featuring a Samihe remix, this one getting dark and trippy with some deep vocals and tight beats, while March features a unique lo-fi feature from Davstr3k. Not planning on sticking to a schedule or feeling the need to release track after track, time and thought is given to each one in order to complete the bigger picture. Looking toward the future, Minds Alike wants to go beyond the Records, becoming an all-encompassing place where emerging artists can find an experienced and supportive group of like-minded people, whatever their creative drive may be.

With the release of MAR001 on January 17th, the project which has been brewing in the thoughts of Baez and Samihe, built from a shared passion and driven by a commitment to creating something special, it is finally time for Minds Alike Records to begin.

Listen to Baez’s DEEP show Fordel on-demand now: