Dave Seaman on the results of 5 years of Radio Therapy

Lauren Krieger

Celebrating 5 yrs of Radio Therapy, Dave Seaman takes us back to the beginning and into the future.

Even as a long established DJ & Producer, Dave Seaman is always bringing something new to the spotlight, continually spreading the best of underground electronic music around the globe. Whether sharing fresh music from Selador Recordings, his own productions, or the coolest new tunes from across the industry, his enthusiasm for this music hasn’t wavered. You can always hear it in his Radio Therapy show, through his fun voice overs and his finely tuned track selections. Celebrating its 5th Anniversary on August 18th, Radio Therapy has become a FRISKY staple and a continuous fan favorite for all these years. We caught up with Dave Seaman to learn more about his experiences:


What has been your favorite part of hosting Radio Therapy?

The best bit is all the lovely feedback I get from people around the world at my gigs. When people tell me it’s the highlight of their musical month, something they really look forward to, it’s a really gratifying thing to hear. Especially when there’s so many radio shows and podcasts and live mixes so easily available now on the likes of Soundcloud and Mixcloud, competition is fierce for people’s time and attention, so having a loyal listenership is something I don’t underappreciate .

What inspired you to start a radio show and what brought you to FRISKY?

It was Frisky’s own Ingo Vogelmann who first asked me and didn’t leave me alone until I eventually surrendered and said yes, so blame him! haha. At first I said no because I just saw it as another commitment on top of what was an already busy schedule every month but, in hindsight, I’m really glad he didn’t take no for an answer because it’s become my monthly calling card.

It’s important for me to be sharing music with people on a regular basis.

Has having a show on FRISKY effected your experience as a DJ? Does it coincide well with your touring, or can it be difficult to do both?

It’s all down to planning. There’s only been a handful of occasions where I’ve been forced to do the show while on the road and I’ve had to come up with ways of doing the voiceovers in hotel rooms so that the quality meets radio standards. It’s amazing what you can do with a load of pillows and duvets to rustle up a makeshift sound booth when you need to!

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Do you think Radio Therapy has changed much in these past 5 years?

I hope so. I listened back to the very first one a couple of weeks ago and I sounded atrocious :-/ Although there’s probably plenty of people who’d argue I still do!!  I like to think I’ve grown into the role though. but the musical philosophy hasn’t changed, nothing but the good stuff, as you well know 😉

Can you tell us what’s in store for the anniversary episode, and what’s coming up next for you?

Yeah, it’s a special two hour episode which will feature the usual first hour of current hot potatoes and then a second hour which will be an exclusive hour from my set at Glastonbury Festival earlier in the summer. Basically 60 minutes of some of my biggest tracks from the last couple of months. Not to be missed if I do say so myself. And after the 5th Birthday show, I’m back into the studio to work on my new mix compilation. I’m doing the next in the Across Borders series which King Unique kicked off in such fine fashion earlier this year. I’ve also just done remixes for Marc Marzenit and Björn Mandry and am working on my own new single as well so I’m keeping myself busy as usual 🙂

The 5th Anniversary episode will be airing August 18th at 4PM EST [convert timezone], be sure to tune in! In the mean time, listen to July’s awesome set!

Listen Now: Radio Therapy