Dave Seaman is taking Armada Music underground with Beyond Borders Berlin

Lauren Krieger

Go Beyond Borders with Dave Seaman’s upcoming album release

If anyone knows how to do an album right, it’s Dave Seaman. His Global Underground, Therapy Sessions, and Renaissance CDs are carefully crafted artworks that capture the sound of their era, while continuing to have timeless style and substance that remain relevant today. His successful Kickstarter Selador Sessions album proved that his fans know what level of quality to expect from his mixes, and that they are willing to let him take them on a journey without question. This next audio adventure comes from Armada Music in the form of Beyond Borders Berlin, an album that captures the massive electronic music scene of Berlin from the perspective of one of the most legendary underground DJs in the world.

In his interview with DMC World, Dave talks about his experience creating mix CDs & what makes one special:

Mix CDs have been a big part of my career over the last 25 years and it’s a tradition I’m keen to continue.

A mix compilation is never just an easy day at the office. Not if you’re doing it right anyway!! Yes, it’s easy to throw a quick mix together. There’s hundreds of them go online everyday but I think there should be a lot more time and effort go into a physical mix compilation like this. You need to go the extra mile to make something special that will hopefully stand the test to time.”

With recent gigs in Berlin and connections with local producers, this mix is designed to transport and connect, as Dave states in his Decoded Magazine interview:

“…I wanted to make sure that the album had a distinct Berlin flavour so made sure to include lots of artists and labels from the city. I think I’ve managed to do that. And there’s a good balance of new and familiar names. I also wanted to use some of the big tracks from my gig at Suicide Circus in the summer, so the album had a particular time and place attached to it. Another thing I decided was that I wasn’t going to worry to much about everything having to be new and exclusive. There was a time when that was an important factor for me when doing a mix CD but one thing we’re not short of these days is a supply of new music! Plus, in a few months time when none of the music will be new anymore, it’s the quality and longevity that ultimately really counts.”


Let Dave Seaman take you again into the depths of electronic music with Beyond Borders Berlin, releasing on Friday November 27th: Order now!

In the mean time, be sure to listen to his latest episode of Radio Therapy on FRISKY:

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