Darin Epsilon: What’s New & What’s Next in the Underground

Lauren Krieger

Catching up with Darin Epsilon for a quick chat about his latest adventures in clubland.

After my last chat with Darin Epsilon in Miami for FRISKY Talk 012, he has been busy making waves through his dance floor filling, deeply moving music. From playing a record breaking show in Salta, Argentina to releasing his widely successful Midgard EP, Darin is continuing to push the progressive spirit with his energy behind the decks and in the studio. Darin has shared that he loves being on the road, something which is evident through all the globetrotting he’s been doing for the first half of 2018, and all that’s on schedule coming up next. I was glad to catch up with him in between his gigs, and am looking forward to doing some serious dancing at his gig in Orlando this Saturday.

Since we last talked in March, you’ve had a lot going on! What have been some of your highlights of the last few months?

Yea, amazing how time flies! I was lucky enough to play fantastic shows in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, and Colombia. The most memorable of which was Salta, Argentina, where we actually broke the record for biggest electronic music event!

I also released 4 new tracks which all did amazingly well, including my Midgard EP, which Pete Tong supported on BBC Radio 1 and IMS Ibiza.

It’s awesome to see your Midgard EP getting such great support – hitting the top of the charts and featured on some of the biggest shows in the industry. Why do you think this EP resonated so well with a widespread audience?

It’s been a while since I released an EP of new original tracks, and I posted several teaser clips from my recent shows in the months leading up to the release.

Sebastien Leger completely knocked it out of the park with his remix, which peaked at #6 on Beatport and remained in the Top 10 for 3 weeks!

What can you share with us about your next release?

My next release is titled ‘Kergeulen’ and it’s available beginning July 13. It’s one of the tracks included in Marc DePulse’s ‘Bella Mar’ compilation for Einmusika Recordings. I’m really excited because I’ve been wanting to work with Marc and the Einmusika guys for quite some time.

Is there a certain sound or style that you’ve been feeling for your productions and DJ sets lately?

The melodic side of House and Techno has officially taken over clubland. It’s been long overdue and we’re in for loads and loads of amazing new music, at least until the next trend takes over 😉

I’m super stoked to see you play at Vinyl Arts Bar in Orlando on June 30th, what other events do you have coming up that you are excited about?

I’m really looking forward to my debut performances in Pakistan, Spain, and Puerto Rico! Be sure to follow me on https://www.bandsintown.com/darinepsilon to be notified when I’m playing your city. Thanks for the interview and see you in Orlando!

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