Declan Burke

Declan Burke Joins Dance Artifakts with Special Album Release & Guest Mix

Lauren Krieger

The building of relationships is often cited as one of the most important and appreciated aspects of the underground electronic music community. There is a unique connection that happens when you meet someone whose music resonates with you; when the music that they have put their love and passion into finds a place within yourself too. Following its path, you find yourself among others who can build on those foundations until you have a community that works together to bring their combined passions to a greater audience.

It is through Dance Artifakts that a growing artist is introduced to a new set of global listeners, joining their family with a guest mix on their DEEP show and a major album release with “Ordinary Everyday Experience”.

Dance Artifakt’s Terron Darby gives us some background on Declan Burke, and tells us how this project first began:

Born in Waterford, Ireland, Declan was introduced to music from a very young age. He began djing and producing music at the early age of 12 years old. Inspired by friends and mentors in Waterford and abroad, Declan draws inspiration from collaboration, and bouncing ideas off of other like minds to gain feedback. This communal experience and that of the dance floor drive his creative process in producing melodic techno. His debut album on Dance Artifacts drops May 2021 with eleven meticulously crafted tracks.

What drew you to working with Declan?

Terron: After working with my dear friend Akari (Davin Coady) for many years, he mentioned he had a friend that has some tunes that I might be interested in. He then made the introduction. As Decy mentions, it was originally just a single or perhaps an EP, after getting to know him he shared more tunes. I knew we had a solid album and here we are!

How does his sound and energy fit in with Dance Artifakts? 

Terron: It fits perfectly. My main motto with the label is to really not focus on genre “at all” and focus on personal relationships and artist development with my friends, so each artist can explore all the shades of electronica. This album represents the label from its core. Solid productions for and off the dance floor.

What are you most excited about with this release?

Terron: I’m most excited for Declan, as he has really worked hard to bring this to fruition and has been so patient with the process and I’m positive it was worth the wait. I feel we have an excellent representation of all his hard work. Also, it’s our first long play record and I could not be happier with this milestone. Looking forward to bringing more of the long play format. With Declan’s LP I feel that it plays perfect from start to finish and if you only get a single or two that there is a ‘feeling’ for every dj/music lovers palette.

Get a sneak peek of what’s to come with the video premiere of Declan Burke – We Gotta Fly Away feat. Akari

When did you first start in electronic music? Who have been your influences?

Declan: At first I started listening to mainstream electronic music, I then quickly wanted to learn how to produce. Over the years I gained a love for melodic techno and sophisticated electronic music, which is what I produce nowadays. I have to thank my brother Kevin, he has helped me in my journey in electronic music.

My influences would be the likes of Stimming, Dj Koze, Nicolas Jaar, Tim Englhardt, Aera, Ruede Hagelstein, Sasha, John Digweed, Mano Le Tough & Dixon.

If there was one thing you could accomplish as an artist, what would that be?

Declan: What I have right here. I’m so thankful to have an album being released on a great label, run by great people and to be able to share my passion for music, it’s really something.

An 11-track album is quite an undertaking – when did you first start digging into this project?

Declan: It was about 2 years ago. At first I was looking to release a two track ep. My track on the album ‘Open Eyes’ was the lead track and I had been in contact with Terron at the time. Over the next couple of months I kept producing and floated the idea that I could release something bigger. It was then around September 2020 I put all the tracks I had together and sat down with my good friend Davin Coady aka Akari and talked about approaching Terron with the album idea. He took it on board and we went ahead. I cannot wait for it to be released.

What is most important to you to accomplish with this release?

Declan: The most important thing to me with this release is that it does the label proud. The artists involved in this label are phenomenal and really great producers. I hope that my music can stand beside them and be of the same standard.

What would you say is the theme that brings the album together?

Declan: Melodic feel good and high energy club music.

Did you have a favorite part of the process?

Declan: Sitting down, playing around with ideas on Ableton would be my favourite part. Just literally jamming through ideas until something sticks and then onto the arrangement of the track.

Did anything surprise you along the way?

Declan: The way the label has helped me throughout the process. Really supportive and encouraging. Thank you to Terron. I couldn’t have asked for better.

What are you most proud of with the way it all came together?

Declan: That it tells a story. ‘Ordinary Everyday Experience’ to me is making music. I have went through alot of emotions the last couple of years and have put those experiences into the album. ‘Control , Overcome , Evolve’ these tracks all have meaning behind them.

What is next for you?

Declan: I hope to continue my journey and release more music. When the world gets back to normal again, I would like to play the album out loud and enjoy the atmosphere of a club once more.

“Ordinary Everyday Experience” will be available for Pre-Order April 17th on Beatport & be sure to tune into Declan’s exclusive guest mix on Dance Artifakts on Monday April 19th @ 7PM EST [convert timezone].