Dale Middleton on the Art of DJing, EDM as a Gateway, and Creating Subsidence Sounds


Catching up with Dale Middleton after 2 years of Subsidence Sounds

He proved his mettle as a DJ long back and has been delivering extraordinary tracks as a producer ever since. Traveling around the world and performing back to back gigs across South America and Asia, Dale Middleton has become one of the best in the industry. Through his production, he has long list of releases on the world renowned labels such as Global Underground, Sudbeat and Parquet. And then, he has a record label of his own, Tarnished Tracks which has been steadily roll out new releases in regular intervals.

His monthly show, Subsidence Sounds celebrated 2nd year anniversary on Frisky and we thought that this would be a good opportunity to talk little more about him and his journey in electronic music world.

Here are excerpts of what we talked about:

Subsidence Sounds completed 2 years on Frisky recently. What can you tell us about the beginning, how did it all start?

I started Subsidence Sounds as a platform to be able to share the music I love. Having a monthly show allows me to put together a special mix each month that concentrates on the music that I have really been loving as well as some of my own productions thrown in there.

Can you take us through the process of creating mixes for your monthly show?

Every month I try to create each mix individually, it is always a reflection of what I’m playing in my club sets but this can vary from set to set. I always aim to keep the music new and fresh with some crate digging on beatport. I’m also very lucky to be sent some fantastic promos every month so I have the pleasure of including these. Each mix I try to create a mini journey that starts off a little deeper and progresses into the more driving sounds.

Let’s talk about early years, who would you say was the biggest influencer back then that put your interest in electronic music?

My family has never been very musical to be honest, for me it was listening to Pete Tong on a Friday night, this opened my eyes to the real art of DJing. Not just the mixing record to record but picking the right record, building sets and having the latest tracks to keep your sound at the front.

Do you remember the first record that you ever bought and who was the artist?

I always used to buy compilations as I liked to listen to the mix of tracks together. But I think the first single I ever bought was Mr Oizo – Flat Beat (it was actually on tape… and I still have it).

Electronic music has changed drastically in recent years, if you have to point out, what is one good thing you like that has come out of this and one that you don’t like?

I was speaking with a friend the other day, he is 18 and just got into EDM & festivals in recent years. While speaking he said he was tired of the EDM scene and was now starting to get into techno and hearing other music. This for me is the one good thing, EDM has been a gateway for new young fans to get into the music, from there they hear new artists and can move into new scenes.

Maybe it is time for the underground music scene to change as well. We can start off by not calling it underground. What do you think? Does it really matter what name we give?

Hmm it’s a tough one as the darker genres like techno/progressive will always be underground somewhat as you just won’t hear it on mainstream radio. When you try to pigeon hole genres & artists it also doesn’t work, some of the best progressive music is being played by new ‘techno’ artists, and some of the best techno music is being played by ‘progressive’ artists. So does it really matter, I think probably not. Quality music and what you enjoy is what matters, the ‘genre’ is just a way of finding the tracks within similar sounding music.

How are things going at Tarnished Tracks, the label led by you? Any new projects coming in from the label?

We have had a really good start to the label, getting so much support from fellow DJs is great, notably having Kolsch playing us on BBC Radio 1 was amazing. Currently we have a great Baunder 2 track EP out, coming up I can’t say too much but we have some music lined up from Oliver Schories, Mariano Mellino, Sonic Union, Qbical and myself, so some really exciting times ahead.

Your favourite place to play in the whole wide world?

I have to say its Argentina, the passion and love for the music there is something else, as well as the Asado. Also a dream of mine has been to play in Ibiza, I hope in 2017 to tick this one off the list!

Can you share your top 3 current favourite tracks that have been part of your set recently?

Difficult to pick just 3 at the moment but I would have to go for:

Dale Middleton – Neleh (Original Mix) [Plattenbank] Matan Capsi – Paranara (Rauschhaus Remix) [Eleatics Records] Lemmon – Kerosene (Dale Middleton Remix) [SOSO]

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