CJ Art’s Immersion delivers a deep progressive sound for Cloudy Moon Records’ premiere

Lauren Krieger

Cloudy Moon Records begins a new era in deep progressive house with Immersion by CJ Art

logoBorn out of the experienced and passionate mind who created Suffused Music is Cloudy Moon Records, a new label that challenges the status quo of the current industry by focusing on the old school sounds forged with a modern feel.

The premiere release from Cloudy Moon Records is Immersion, a compilation of two distinct mixes created by CJ Art. With more than a decade of passion and experience mixing, producing, and living the progressive sound, CJ Art was the perfect choice to follow the label’s mission of promoting “deeper and darker oldschool deep prog/psy”, and Immersion delivers on that potential.

cd1Part 1 is reminiscent of the golden era of Progressive, filled with strong, rolling beats and smooth breaks that flow flawlessly between moments. With deep melodies and low frequencies, it hangs mostly on the dark side, intermittently introducing softer elements to maintain a balanced and complete set.

cd2Part 2 begins with dark atmospheres that merge into deep and hypnotic vibes. It maintains a high energy with a classic sound, carrying more of an edge through its techy elements. Intense driving tracks ease smoothly into gentle grooves and bring you back again, the perfectly placed tunes never tiring you out and always keeping you interested.

For some background on this release, I caught up with CJ Art:

What drew you in to working on this release for Cloudy Moon Records?
I received a proposition from CMR to create the compilation and as the concept of the label is close enough to my vision of what I consider as quality deep/underground progressive sound, I agreed without hesitation and worked on it with big pleasure. 🙂

What was the creative process like when building Immersion? What was the most difficult and most rewarding part of the process?
Funny thing is that since almost 15 years of DJ-ing, tons of sets and mixes recorded, I haven’t done any compilation for a label till now. So for me it’s been really refreshing and inspirational work to do.

Most of the time while working on Immersion took me listening and picking from hundreds of tracks the right ones – those records which will fit to the concept I’ve had in my mind. In every set (live or radio show) I try to take a listener on a journey – I know it may sounds cliche, but the first thing I try to do is creating a story in my mind, and then telling it with the properly selected sounds. I love literature (and every branch of art), I love the feeling when you can lose yourself in art, feel and discover new areas of he world and yourself, dive deep into this feeling – that’s why I’ve picked the name for the compilation – Immersion. 🙂

Do you have any upcoming projects or gigs we should know about?
Thanks for asking! A lot of stuff is going around, tons of ideas in my head, just need time and patience to make all of it to happen. One of the upcoming things will be the new Deepersense Music label which I’d like to run with my closest friends. The label will be dedicated to the sounds I love so much, deep, hypnotic, mystical, usually dark and tribalish. Launch of the label is planed for 2015, hopefully.

Adding to it constant activities such as hosting radio show, recording guest mixes, working on music productions, playing in clubs, make me feel really, really happy and on the other hand, of course, also full of work – so many things, and always not enough time There are days when I wake up and repeat to myself “no worries man! Take your time, take your time, all will come in the right moment… or not!”, proper self motivation FTW! 😉

For all the fresh info, releases, mixes, schedule and stuff, just pls check my facebook page, I try to update it as often as I only can 🙂

CMDR001 VA Immersion mixed by CJ Art [Cloudy Moon Records] 1400Immersion is available exclusively on Beatport

Also, be sure to listen to CJ Art’s continuously exceptional deep progressive sound on FRISKY!

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