Cirque Noir brings their dark and mysterious motif to FRISKY DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Join the dark circus wherever you are, when Cirque Noir premieres on FRISKY DEEP

When we first introduced Cirque Noir, it was to dive into their unique events and see what the future holds for this passionate crew of wild adventurers, hinting at all the exciting things to come. We touched on an upcoming show on FRISKY DEEP, giving us a glimpse into what to expect when the circus hits the airwaves:

“If we could hope for one thing for our listeners it would be for them to have an otherworldly experience, as though the mind has traveled through both time and space, both relaxed and inspired.”

Now it’s time for the atmosphere of Cirque Noir to travel to listeners around the world; their dark, sensual, magical energy ready to be shared through selective mixes from their Ringleaders of Sound, and special guests. The first taste of Cirque Noir on FRISKY DEEP will be an official “Cirque Noir DJ Set” featuring original tracks as well as those from other residents, Of the Moon & Bartlee. The second hour comes from r33f, a Resident Ringleader of Sound who is ready to bring the dark circus to you wherever you are. Future shows will feature residents, friends, and past headliners who all have the deep, dark, and mysterious twist that is at their core. You won’t want to miss a beat.

Be a part of the experience, tune into the premiere on June 14th at 12PM EST [convert timezone] only on FRISKY DEEP.

Cirque Noir