Christian Voldstad’s Elysium Embarks on DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Explore Elysium with the DEEP premiere from Bespoke Musik’s Christian Voldstad

Christian Voldstad’s deep, emotional sound comes from years of inspiration from a diverse selection of musical influences. His unique voice is forged from his experience as a musician and from exploring the depths of New York’s incomparable underground scene. It was there where he connected with Bespoke Musik, and his sensual sound found a home that has since taken him across the country and the globe, from Brooklyn to Burning Man, Norway, Amsterdam, Chile, Peru, Russia, and beyond. His dedicated love for the music can be heard in his creative selections, storytelling mixes, and desire to create a powerful, happy, and memorable experience with every set that he shares. You can hear this within his sophisticated style which has been featured on FRISKY’s Artist of the Week and Bespoke Musik Guest Mix, combining for a reach of over 20K.

With a definitively DEEP vibe, Christian’s new show Elysium will be bringing his finely tuned perspectives to the channel every other month. Beginning on April 13th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] Elysium can be heard live or listened again on-demand & offline with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get some insight into the world of Christian Voldstad before the premiere:

How did you first get started in electronic music?

I forget when I first started listening to electronic music, I’m pretty sure it was before the internet came about. After moving to New York I began to go out a bit (alot) and eventually started working for a few record labels and nightclubs doing marketing work. Shortly after I began DJing as a a hobby until I was booked to play my first Bespoke party. My set there was good enough that Rocky made me a Bespoke resident, and I have been playing happily playing for Bespoke ever since. 🙂

How does the New York scene differ now from when you first began?

New York is in a constant state of flux which is also seen the music scene here. There has been a bit of an exodus towards Brooklyn from Manhattan, and a decline in underground parties due increased regulation and enforcement of warehouse parties following the Ghost Ship fire in California. We’ve had new nightclubs open in Brooklyn, and in Manhattan, and several nightclubs close. It’s really hard to tell where it will go, but at least we know it will always be exciting

What do you enjoy most about DJing today?

Making connections with people, making them smile, sometimes even dance! I also enjoy the technical aspects of mixing tracks, having two waveforms slot together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and building those into a larger set. Oh and records, I still love playing records 🙂

What were some of your highlights from last year?

Last year was pretty busy for me as I really started playing on an international level. I DJ’d in Russia, South Africa, South America, Norway, Amsterdam, Berlin… really all over the place. At the same time I was playing regularly in New York, finishing up my MBA at Fordham, helping with marketing for Bespoke Musik and other record labels, as well as taking care of my cat. It’s been something of a frenetic pace and it’s had it’s ups and downs but I think it’s extremely important for one to keep busy.

What are the qualities you try to represent through your music?

Well everything depends on the set and the setting of where you are playing, but I have an emphasis on melody and instruments, and the occasional melancholic touch in my sets.

What can listeners expect to hear on your monthly show?

Music that will make you smile, maybe even dance a bit 🙂

Tune into to Elysium April 13th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP:

Christian Voldstad – Elysium