Bodaishin Presents Efimero as DEEP Featured Artist

Lauren Krieger

Embodying his philosophies through music, Buenos Aires-born Bodaishin’s new compilation album “Efimero” features selections that work together to create emotional connections and tell a meaningful story. With an important purpose through all of his music, to provide “sounds that will make you forget about an uncertain future and help you enjoy the present”, Bodaishin’s aim to help people let go of their problems and get in touch with their souls through music is exemplified in this premiere album for his newly created label Circle of Life. Efimero connects listeners with artists through intention and curation, with each track chosen with reverence and appreciation. As he shares with us, “for an artist to give you his art, it is something sacred.”

Efimero album cover

To celebrate the release on April 2nd, Bodaishin will be presenting a special DEEP Featured Artist mix featuring Efimero. Tune in live on the DEEP channel at 10 am EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

Check out his Artist of the Week mix now, and read on to learn more.

When did the idea for this project first begin? 

This project started a year ago when the pandemic came to the world. In that moment for me it was just a dream, now it’s happening.

What have you enjoyed most about working on this project? 

Definitely, the moment that I have most enjoyed throughout this entire process was the selection of music. Listening to so many beautiful songs and being able to decide which ones would be part of this project was a nice challenge.

Can you give us some insight into the creative process behind Efimero? What are some of the main tasks involved and which part was the most fun for you?

Behind Efimero there is a lot of work in a very short time. Creativity comes a bit from my thoughts about the mystery of life. Life is something EFIMERO. We are efimero. Circle Of Life is efimero. But also there is another way to see life as something eternal… in some point music could be something efimero and eternal at the same time. Maybe this is a kind of signal that this project could have a PART B… Coming back to the V/A…It was a short path because everything happened in a very fluid way, I got incredible and ideal music for this new project and we did everything possible to get it to light in early 2021. Thanks to the hard work of my colleague and partner Alex Esser, CEO of HMWL, we were able to resolve administrative issues to carry out the project. I was in charge of the artistic part and trying to be in every detail.

What was most important to you when it came to choosing the music included? Is it about balance, similarity, or a particular energy / mood?  

The most important thing when choosing the music is that at that very moment there is an emotional connection with the history of the song. I could never choose a song where there is no story behind it. Mainly I am looking for music that is a bit mysterious for the label, but I try not to close myself to other types of feelings, for example, the Ubuntu song by Vandelor maybe it comes out a little of what I was looking for, but I feel that it gives that light, that hope to everything the compiled. After so much mystery, and minor keys, I felt that Ubuntu would give us that light that we were needing to finish telling the full story.

What do you think is most challenging about creating a compilation album?

When you want to create a compilation with different artists and with more than 10 songs, I think the biggest challenge is finding the connection between all the songs. Tell a story in which all the actors have a fundamental role. But I think we made it and I’m very happy about it

How do you feel that you put the “Bodaishin” sound on this album? 

Generally, my searches are always similar in all aspects of my personal life, and my artistic life. Therefore, what I look for when producing my own music, I also look for when making a podcast, and when choosing music for my label. More than sounds, there is a common feeling in each of my songs and in my live sets or podcasts. I don’t think there is a sound of mine in the whole compilation because there are many artists with different tools, different ways of seeing music, and different qualities, and also if there is something that I always say to artists who go through circle of life, it is that be themselves, that they feel free to make the music they feel like. I hope that people can receive that when listening to the compilation.

How has Circle of Life been a good partner for this release?

There could be no better home for this compilation than Circle Of Life. None of my projects are random. I feel that everything has to have a connection, a meaning. Circle Of Life is the center of all that energy of life transmuted into music.  

What are you most proud of with the end result of Efimero?

Every time I listen to the compilation, I feel enormous satisfaction. I am proud that such incredible artists have wanted to be part of this, and have given me their music. When the idea of opening a record label came to my mind, I imagined how grateful I would be to receive music. For an artist to give you his art, it is something sacred. But as I said before, it is not easy to find the balance between so much music. Efimero did it, and that’s what makes me most proud.

What do you hope listeners experience?

The only thing I hope from the people who listen to our music is that for a moment, however ephemeral it may be, it connects with the present, with the emotions, with the feeling, that each song is part of a different experience, of an emotion. different. I want that when listening to our music, people forget that there is a past and a future, that they forget their problems and can connect with their souls.