Bobby Deep on taking chillout to a new direction with Better Life

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Bobby Deep talks about the experience of creating an album and what to expect from Better Life.

You can tell that love for the music is what drives Bobby Deep, his productions and show Deep My Way are full of beautiful melodies and lovely rhythms that carry a wonderful energy. This is clearly evident in his upcoming release Better Life (hitting stores in October), a transformative album that takes the listener deep into a chilled out soundscape. You can hear that this collection of downtempo tracks were created with movement and story telling in mind, the album best experienced when listened the full way through. For some insight into the story behind Better Life, we caught up with Bobby Deep.

Better Life cover frontWhat inspired you to create an album?
After the many releases that I have made in the past, I decided to produce an album. This was a huge challenge, trying to focus in the same style and direction, so that you produce a uniform result. Even if it’s a hard thing to do, it’s better than producing for a label under the pressure of a deadline submission. Here you have the time to make your changes in your composition, time to be objective and regain perspective about your project and fix whatever you don’t like. I really loved that.

You describe Better Life as “pushing the envelope of the Chill Out album in a new direction”. Can you expand on this idea? Was it a direction you had in mind from the beginning, or did it evolve?
Better Life was the main idea/title for the album. I don’t know if the listener can feel that, but I did feel in every track behind the sounds, the emotion.

From the start to the breakdowns and straight to the ends, the bad has been replaced with the good, the black has been replaced with the white.

Technically I just wanted my projects have the ambience of a chillout track, but also I wanted rhythm in it. I believe in this way you can combine the atmosphere of the chillout with the pulse of rhythm, keeping the listener chilled but awake.

Were there any unexpected challenges that arose during the process?

Well… I wasn’t sure about the BPM of some tracks. I could have lowered the BPM to a slower pace or even replaced them with some of my slower projects but I decided to follow my wife’s instinct who inspired me right from the the beginning. She said it would be better to include some tracks with a faster tempo to make it more interesting. I don’t know if this will work or not but I’ll trust my wife. She’s a tough judge.

How did you know when you were “finished”?
I didn’t. I just kept in mind that I needed a 50/60 minute pack. I have more projects on the way which I am going to release them in the future. Music never ends. You are never sure if you made the right selection or production. The judge of that is out there. I’m just trying to improve day by day.

Better Life cover back

Release Notes:
Over a year in the studio, time well spent on this
landmark album from Bobby Deep covering
chill out, lounge, and down tempo movements.
Each track takes you on an inspirational journey
through the brilliant forms of laid back ambient
music that pushes the envelope of the Chill Out
album in a new direction.

An original collection laced with funkier
down tempo grooves deliver chillage in
abundance, every track is a quality product that
puts Mediterranean chill out straight back on the

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