Behind the Label with Perspectives Digital

Lauren Krieger

See what it takes to run a remix contest and successful underground label with Darin Epsilon.

Perspectives Digital has been making waves in the progressive music world since their launch in 2010. Grown from Darin Epsilon’s popular FRISKY show Perspectives, which has been running for over 8 years, the label has continued to build continuously through all star releases and support from some of the biggest DJs in the industry.

Their newest EP from Arnas D with remixes by FRISKY artists Dousk and MUUI was just released on June 8th; the diverse sound has already found much support from DJs across the board, including Quivver, Max Graham, Eelke Klein, Andy Moor, D-Nox, Solarstone, and many more. Their debut Beatport Remix contest EP was released on June 29th [listen here], showcasing the quality talent that showed up to remix the Cid Inc vs Darin Epsilon track “Outliers”.

With so much going on, it was time to catch up with this hard working label. To get some insight into the background and current workings of Perspectives Digital, I spoke with label owner Darin Epsilon. sound 5-4-15-dave seaman-00

Can you tell us the Perspectives Digital origin story?

I’ve been running my radio show for 8 years and started the label in November 2010.  It was another way to share the music that I loved while spreading the Perspectives name.

Having my own imprint allows me the opportunity to release whatever I want, whenever I want.  I think it’s super important for any musician in this day and age to have that kind of creative freedom.

The label started out from humble beginnings but is now regularly supported by top names in the industry, and we just completed our first ever Beatport remix contest!

What was the process and experience like hosting the remix contest?

We had over 250 entries from all around the world and competition was extremely tough, but Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic vs. Rick Pier O’Neil (possibly the longest name ever!) managed to come out on top with their epic collaboration. The runners-up were Subandrio, SummerMarian, and Solid Stone.

The judges included myself, Cid Inc, Mitch Alexander from Release Promo, and Jason Wohlstadter from Proton. Each of our rankings received a weighted score and were tallied together to determine the finalists. We didn’t all agree at first but managed to narrow it down to our 4 favorite entries.

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How would you describe the sound and brand of Perspectives Digital? What do you think sets the label apart?

The label doesn’t have a set format but we only release music that genuinely moves us.  The track has to have soul, depth, and emotion.  What sets the label apart is that we don’t follow trends.  We’re releasing deeper and more meaningful sounds than what’s currently popular.

What challenges does the label face in today’s environment, and how do you face those challenges?

Music piracy has and always will be a major challenge.  People often take all of the hard work for granted and they often don’t appreciate or realize how much time and effort goes into each project.

First the producer has to write the track, then it gets recorded and mastered, and then it gets signed (which is a process that can sometimes take weeks).  From there the label has to endlessly promote the EP so it doesn’t get lost in the ocean of new releases every week.

I would say another challenge is remaining consistent and staying within our schedule.  Sometimes unexpected things happen and deadlines have to be shifted around, as was the case with Dousk and MUUI remixing Arnas D.


What do you look for in a new release? Do you find it to be more about that particular track, or about the match with your brand?

The track has to fit within our ideology and of course sound professional enough to be released.  I tend to gravitate towards tracks that are unique and don’t necessarily sound like everything else out there.

A lot of time and money is spent even before the release arrives in stores.  The better the track is to begin with, the more it helps everyone involved.

What artists and DJs excite you right now?

There are quite a lot actually!  Einmusik is delivering some excellent sounds at the moment, as is a label in Amsterdam called Click Records.  Of course, you can’t really go wrong with Sasha and Joris Voorn’s latest material.


Your latest release Arnas D – Satellite features two (FRISKY DJ!) remixes from Dousk & MUUI, who have really been making waves with their music lately. How do you select which remixers you’d like for a particular EP?

I listen to releases on other labels and try to pick the artists that fit comfortably with what we’re doing.   I also look at their overall reputation within the scene and any chart success.

Sometimes it’s about their unique style and what they bring to the table.  For example, Arnas’ track Satellite sounds absolutely huge in a big club, so the remixes are more low-key and closer to what you would hear in an intimate setting.  The 3 tracks complement each other extremely well, in my own opinion.

What’s coming up next?

Lots of exciting things are in the works!  The ‘Outliers’ Remix Contest Winners EP was just released and I have another EP coming to Perspectives in August.  Quivver will be providing a remix for one of the tracks and we’ll be working in the studio together later this year.

I’m also making my London debut at the legendary Ministry of Sound, as well as additional dates in Argentina, Colombia, Romania, Greece, and Canada.  I’m really looking forward to these shows because I finally get the chance to meet my fans and followers across the pond in person!

7/10 – Bahrein – Buenos Aires, Argentina
7/15 – Perspectives on friskyRadio
7/24 – Radio Berlin – Bogotá, Colombia
7/25 – Eliptica – Cali, Colombia
8/14 – Ministry Of Sound – London, UK
8/15 – (open availability) – Europe Tour
8/19 – Perspectives on friskyRadio
8/21 – (open availability) – Europe Tour
8/22 – (open availability) – Europe Tour
8/29 – Cantacuzino Castle – Bucharest, Romania
9/04 – Bloque Festival – Kavala, Greece
9/11 – Soul Progressive IV – Rosario, Argentina
9/12 – (open availability) – South America Tour
9/16 – Perspectives on friskyRadio
TBA – Verboten – New York City, US
10/14 to 10/18 – Amsterdam Dance Event – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/16 – Westerunie – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/18 – Club NL – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/21 – Perspectives on friskyRadio
10/23 – Habitat – Calgary, Canada

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Listen to the fantastic Perspectives Digital guest mix from Michael & Levan and Steven Rivic!

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