Go DEEP & Let the Music Speak with Baez’s Fordel

Lauren Krieger

Baez brings his thoughtful and creative style to DEEP with the launch of Fordel

When you listen to Baez’ music you understand why he says in his bio: “Bios are useless, just listen”. What he doesn’t share through his words, he shares through the music itself, expressing moods and energy through rhythms and flows, proving that there is more to be understood than through speech alone. Unlimited by genre, but with a smooth, definitively underground feel, Baez provides a deeper message through his music, with stories interwoven through sounds that go beyond the ordinary and ask the audience to take a breath, get lost in the music, and just enjoy the moment.

As a part of the Bespoke Musik family, Baez has been sharing his music throughout New York, Miami, and beyond. His set at the We Are FRISKY event in Amsterdam [listen now] was a beautifully smooth and seductive mix that left an impact on the listeners, something that he is sure to do every other month on his new show Fordel.

Premiering March 28th @ 3PM EST [convert timezone], listen live or on-demand anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription.

Want to see him play live first? Catch him next at Saga Miami on Friday March 23rd: Get Tickets

I was happy to catch up with Baez to get some insight into this thoughts:

How did you first get involved with electronic music?

It’s really hard to pinpoint an exact time when I got involved, however, back in 99′ I was heavily influenced Sasha’s EP “Xpander”. It was very impactful at the time because before that moment I never fully identified with a specific style of electronica, especially with progressive house so this kind of open the floodgates for me. I was exposed to a lot of 80’s synthpop music on the radio which led me to discover the go-to’s like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, etc .

What is most important to you when you DJ?

I guess the most important aspect of DJing is if I’m able to communicate to the listeners my story and hope they can somehow connect. I take a lot of pride in programming my sets so that I’m able to create an auditory storytelling experience through music and its something that I work on continuously to this day.

What are three words that you would use to describe both your personality and your DJ style?

Candid, Consistent and Adaptable.

What has been one of your favorite music moments?

Ibeyi at the Fillmore, Miami Beach last year, without question.

I’ve been inspired by many artists along the way but nothing can come close to the raw and genuine energy from the French-Cuban duo. They deserve every bit of success for such an honest and authentic approach to music.

Can you share what Fordel means?

Fordel means I’m dedicating this series to my son, Delmar. I’m hoping to evoke a sense of continuous growth and exploration with each podcast.

What do you hope listeners experience when they listen to your show?

I just want people to enjoy themselves. As simplistic as that might be sound, it’s a human behavior that I find to be distancing itself from people in recent years.

Just kick back and let your feet do the talking.

You won’t want to miss the premiere of Fordel launching March 28th @ 3PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand and offline with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps:

Baez – Fordel