Audiorealm Expands Boundaries with Headspace

Lauren Krieger

A perpetual passion for electronic music combined with a love for audio production has lead Audiorealm to create DJ mixes that travel across the spectrum of sound. Driven to play with music, exploring the boundaries of possibilities with an open mind, Audiorealm’s mixes are balanced journeys which showcase a blend of artistic creativity and technical skill. His guest mixes on FRISKY have received widespread support, with his Artist of the Week mix gaining a reach of over 10K, evidence of the effectiveness of his selections and the power of the journey he brings the listener on.

Inviting listeners now to join him every month into his Headspace, Audiorealm’s new show will feature deep progressions into the underground and an opportunity to get lost in the mix with every episode.

I’d love to start by learning more about your electronic music origin story – was there a particular album or experience that first drew you in?

My very first experience with electronic music would be back in college when I came across an album by Shpongle called ‘Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland’. I was fascinated by the album and started to explore their other sounds, as well as music by similar artists. Another favourite track that drew me in would be Juice (Live Version) by GMS.

What inspired or motivated you to become a DJ yourself?

A few years ago, I had the chance to attend a gig headlined by John OO Fleming in Pune. His work inspired me to find my own sound and get into the scene. I realised how mixing two or more tracks together can produce an entirely new sound or how simply changing the order of tracks gives it a whole different progression. For me, this meant playing with different song structures to narrate a new story. After years of listening to electronic music, this motivated me to get a console and mix for myself.

I read that you studied audio engineering / producing – do you do this professionally today? How do you feel that your technical knowledge balances with your creative side?

While I work in Music Operations for Shazam, I am also a part-time DJ/Producer. I am working on my own productions, but they are far from finished right now. Having a technical background has helped me immensely in approaching my music in a creative manner. What a guitar would mean to a guitarist, my production setup means to me. It is my instrument. And having the technical knowledge along with it really helps me in taking my sound to the next level.

What do you think is the most important role that music plays within your life?

For me, music is a way of life. It helps me get in touch with my creative as well as the emotional side. I believe music is the one thing that connects us all as it transcends all cultures. It is a language within itself. I guess it’s the only way I can express myself. 

It seems that India’s progressive / underground scene has been steadily growing over the past few years – how do you feel this scene has influenced your personal music perspective or experiences? 

It is true that the underground scene in India is currently booming. Thanks to the many music festivals across the country, people are now becoming open to independent music. It is overwhelming to see the love and appreciation that people have for up and coming independent artists nowadays. I feel this would do wonders in giving a platform to artists, not just across the electronic music circuit, but other genres too. For me, this has opened a whole new world of opportunities, where I get to explore brilliant new local artists, along with renowned international acts, and get inspired to push my boundaries and better my sound too. It has influenced me in the kind of music I want to play and produce.

What does a track have to have in order to catch your ear, or to make it into one of your mixes?

While I am particularly crazy about a driving bassline, usually it’s the vibe of the track that speaks to me the most. Other things that almost always catch my attention would be an arpeggiated synth, a hypnotic lead or even a vocal sample in the track.

Can you share with us your thoughts on joining FRISKY and what it means to you?

My first ever mix for FRISKY was featured in January this year, and never would I have thought that I would have the chance to have my own show within months. I do feel very happy to be a part of FRISKY as I am an avid listener myself and have discovered many exceptionally-talented artists here. 

What can you tell us about your show Headspace and what listeners can expect?

Headspace is an amalgam of some of my favourite sounds that I connect to and I hope the listeners do too. They can expect a distinctive progression over all the sets and the coming together of sounds from different realms in my mixes.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the FRISKY audience?

I hope everyone enjoys listening to the sets as much as I enjoyed mixing them. I’d also love to hear from you guys, do share your thoughts about the sets.

Tune into the premiere on June 28th @ 10 AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.