The Adaptation of Asymmetric Recordings

Lauren Krieger

With the premiere of their new show Asymmetric Radio on FRISKY, label heads Lonya and Maydan take us inside the history and future of their intriguing imprint.

What began as a multi-faceted production, recording, and events company in Tel Aviv has evolved for more than a decade to become a diverse and driving force in the development of underground sounds. By approaching their work with an open mind and appreciation for versatility, Asymmetric has continued to release special music from artists like Nicolas Rada, Subandrio, Boom Merchant, DJ Beat2, Li-Polymer, Antrim, Paul Deep, Nishan Lee, and many more outstanding producers including Lonya himself.

Through the years their passion for their work has continued to progress, as they keep an ear to the future and find new ways to support the artists who become a part of the Asymmetric family. Always remaining forward thinking in their sound and process, Lonya and Maydan are introducing a new avenue for sharing the label’s vision: Asymmetric Radio.

Listeners can expect to hear a diverse representation of underground music from Asymmetric’s catalog of experienced and developing artists, curated by the team behind the label’s years of success. Tune into the premiere on January 8th @ 10AM [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime after.

Before you listen, learn more about what drives the force behind the label:

I’d love to hear the origin story of Asymmetric Recordings – what inspired you to start the label back in 2006? 

Lonya: Hi, great to be here with you, thanks for inviting us. 

Asymmetric started as a production company and recording studio and was also running events and parties in Tel Aviv. Slowly it evolved into a platform which was exposing and promoting local artists and upcoming talents. So initially there were no plans for it to become what it came to be over the years, and that turned to be our concept – to change and develop all the time! 

What matters most to you for Asymmetric to represent or accomplish? What are the core principles which drive your decisions? 

Lonya: We don’t look at the trends as guidelines but try to predict them, stay different and have our own sound and vision. Our goal is to have a wide palette of sounds, stay versatile, create unique collaborations, open doors for new artists and contribute to the overall underground electronic scene. 

What have been the biggest changes with running the label since it began?

Maydan: There were changes all the time, I lost count at some point. 🙂 But seriously I think actually changes are good things. Partners and collaborators came and left, the music constantly changes and personal preferences as well. When you evolve and are on a journey it’s never boring.

Do you think in the current state of the industry that finding talented artists and quality music has become easier or more difficult?

Lonya: It became easier but still takes so much time and afford. Only finding is also not enough, the label should guide and help develop as much as possible, even though we are not a management or booking agency.   

Maydan: I think that during the years, the basic ways that music industry works had remained, for the most part, the same. The changes we see are mostly in the field of technological development. Working in a more accessible industry, allows more producers to reach and communicate with us, deliver their demos in a simplest way. Still, it requires from us to be selective and strict in the process.

What does it take for a track or producer to stand out to you as a good fit for the label? Do you have similar tastes or preferences?

Lonya: We always approach with an open mind. There are so many good demos we receive every month and sometimes it’s not easy to choose and decisions are hard. You hear it immediately if it’s something special and not just a copy of a current trend or some famous producer sound. If it brings something different to the dance floor or create an unusual textures and soundscapes or explores Electronica world adding a unique touch, it should find a home with us.   

Maydan: We also believe that a good producer who done his “homework”, listened to our back catalog and was inspired by it, will be able to produce music that more likely could fit the label. 


Is this different than the music which you select for your own DJ mixes?

Maydan: Yes, very different. We don’t choose the music for the label according to our DJ style or preferences. Nevertheless, we are the same people so there is a correlation between the processes.

Who are some up and coming artists you think people should be listening to? What about all-time favorite producers? 

Lonya: This is a tricky question. 🙂 The good thing is that there are too many to mention, I can’t say that someone stands out these days above others. People do amazing music, but the most talented and dedicated stay for years, keep surprise us with new sounds and ideas.

Can you share your different roles within the label, and how you work together day to day?

Maydan: Lonya is taking care of most of the A&R and distribution on Asymmetric Recordings, while I work mostly on Asymmetric Dip distribution, social media, artist relations and financial side of things. We meet once or twice a week to discuss and plan things ahead, but usually finish the meetings earlier than planned and dive into the studio work!

Do you find it difficult to balance between the label and your other work within the music?

Lonya: No, for us it of the same, one complements the other.

What do you like to do when you need to “get away from it all”? 

Lonya: I have 2 kids now, I can’t ‘get away from it all’ at all. 🙂 The only time that is a bit different is when touring and away from home  

Maydan: Both of us has the privilege to be a Tel Aviv based artists. For me, clearing my mind on the beach is the perfect getaway to recharge the batteries.


What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? 

Lonya: I am proud I’ve stayed in this business for so long and that I’m still passionate about it.  

Maydan: I believe that our biggest accomplishment is doing, on a daily basis, what we love the most.

How will the Asymmetric show on FRISKY mix in with your goals?

Lonya: As the label grew a lot over the years and incorporates now so many artists, we felt that there is a need for a new online platform to expose the sound and meet new audiences in this our show on FRISKY becomes an integral part of label’s work and very important new opportunity for us. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners? 

Maydan: Hope you’ll enjoy tuning to us every month and meet new artists, fresh sounds and discover unique and forward-thinking music!

Tune into the premiere on January 8th @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.