Apsara explores new dimensions of music on After Dark

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Apsara begins a new era with the launch of After Dark on FRISKY

Apsara has captured the attention of audiences and listeners around the world with a unique style that can rock crowds of all sizes, from underground raves in San Francisco to mega-festivals like Tommorrowland in Belgium. Whether touring around the world or entertaining a home town crowd in Indonesia, Apsara’s every show is one to remember. Along with a busy DJing schedule, she’s been able to release noteworthy tracks on labels including Plus Records, Silk Digital, System Recordings, Bonzai Progressive, and more, and her collaborative remix with Takaki Matsuda of John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence’s “Beyond the Limit” was selected as the winner of Pharmacy Music’s remix competition.

Her Artist of the Week mix on FRISKY reached the top of the charts, with new fans tuning in to listen to her eclectic show filled with deep and intense vibes. In fact, she has been a guest on FRISKY several times, with each set offering something unique and intriguing for listeners. Apsara’s new show After Dark will be an extension of the creative path she has already blazed, growing from her experiences on the road and continually building from one episode to the next.

I caught up with Apsara for a quick introduction to her newest venture:

How would you describe your sound?
It’s been always hard for me to describe my sound in 1 genre, because I play any genre of music that I think it’s great and make it to 1 set. It make a difference in each occasion, venue, mood, time, live or podcast, etc… so let’s just say listen to my show! 🙂

What inspired the name “After Dark”?
It’s actually one of my single’s title that was released from System Recordings early this year, I named that after one of Haruki Murakami’s novels. Haruki Murakami describes, after dark, the city and people gets more mysterious, it’s almost as if we are entering another dimension. I thought so as music, so I decided to go with “After Dark.”

This is my “After Dark” track that I’m playing at Stadium Jakarta (1:25~):

What can the listeners expect to hear on your new show? How will it differ from or be similar to your past shows?
The last 5 years marked the beginning of my very young DJ career, Transcendence episode 1 to the last episode of Transcendence was a journal of my progress and evolution of my sound. Aside from that, the most important part of my podcast was to find the sound of many talented producers and showcased their amazing tracks. As a DJ, I have a job to share music and I want to help underground music producers. After Dark mentality will be no different, but I hope to grow as a producer as well so you will hear more tracks and remixes from me and I hope to continue to evolve my sound.

Get ready for the premiere by listening to her Artist of the Week set!

Listen Now: Artist of the Week – Apsara

Show Details:

After Dark
Premiere: November 28 @ 7AM EST [convert timezone]