Alfonso Muchacho

Alfonso Muchacho Goes Against the Tide

Lauren Krieger

“Widely regarded as the worlds most dangerous prog house producer”… Alfonso Muchacho has been one to watch out for in the underground electronic music scene for a long time. Producing tracks that are technically exceptional and exceptionally powerful on the dance floor, his plethora of progressive gems have been released on renowned labels like Balkan Connection, Clinique Recordings, Stellar Fountain, BeatFreak Recordings, Stripped Digital, and many more alike. Recently launching his own label “Above the Storm” in order to take control of the release of his music in a timely manner, Alfonso continues to push his dynamic blend of “old-skool progressive and new-skool melodic techno” into the future.

Giving listeners an opportunity to hear these tunes up-front and in the mix, Alfonso Muchacho is premiering his new show “Against the Tide” exclusively on FRISKY. He invites you to experience “a proper club night, heads down, eyes closed” as you get a sneak peek of his upcoming tracks and get a feel for what has made him such an in-demand DJ for decades. Tune in live on May 13th @ 4 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime with FRISKY Premium. Get ready by catching up with him now:

Can you catch us up on what you’ve been working on lately, some new favorite releases or things you’re excited about?

Like everyone I’ve been making A LOT of new music. I’ve got a new track coming out on Omnia Rec and a couple of remixes due out soon. I launched my label “Above The Storm” last year and I’m determined to get more of my own music out through the label this year.

I have to tell you that I love your sense of humor – do you find that you are purposefully trying to get people to lighten up or is it just what comes naturally? 🙂

There’s two parts to this answer. Firstly I have quite a big personality. I’m never going to be able to pull off the “Dark and mysterious” vibe some artists go for so I try to bring as much of myself out in my videos and on social media. I’m quite comfortable talking on camera and I don’t take it too seriously so I don’t worry about saying something stupid. The second part is that I just don’t see the benefit from being anything other than fun and positive. Nothing turns me off more than when I follow an artist I like and they start to complain or bring lots of politics into it, so I just avoid doing that and try to be the opposite of the news.

I’d love to hear about your personal music history:

What was your first experience with electronic music that got you hooked?

Probably recording tapes off the radio as a kid, classic trance, acts like Underworld, Leftfield, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. Once I found out that you could play all this music to crowds there was no going back.

What was the first album /  mix that you purchased?

The first single I ever bought was “What Is Love?” by Haddaway but the first mix album I remember buying was probably the Sasha Global Underground mix from San Francisco.

Where was your first gig? What was that experience like?

The first time playing to a crowd was in a nightclub playing to a bunch of 16 year old kids. There were a lot of fights and I couldn’t properly beat match on the Vestax turntables they had. The booth monitors had some sort of delay on them compared to the rest of the club so no matter what I did it always seemed out of time. They closed it down after someone pulled the fire alarm. Good times.

What’s one of the strangest things that has happened to you on a gig?

I’m a magnet for strange people. I’ve had the classic fist fight that knocks over the decks, police coming in to close it down. One time a guy just came over to me and gave me £100 without saying a word. One time a girl spent about 10 minutes trying to braid my hair (when I would bend forward to look at the mixer) but I’ve always shaved my head so she didn’t do very well. I laughed about that for a few days.

What do you think are the biggest changes you’ve seen in yourself as an artist and DJ since you started?

Mainly it’s around work ethic. When you first start making music it is VERY hard to make anything decent and I used to wonder what it would take to get to the next level, if only I knew this secret etc etc. But I realised that you have to study this like anything else. You wouldn’t try to become an athlete without putting the effort into nutrition, training and tactics but people think that music should just come naturally. I work so much harder on every aspect today than I ever did, despite being better than I ever have been. Listening to music and buying music is nearly a full time job, producing music is five full time jobs. I’ve gotten a lot better at prioritising my time and I try to waste none of it watching TV.

How would you describe the Alfonso Muchacho sound?

It’s always melodic and sits somewhere between old-skool progressive and new-skool melodic techno.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a producer / DJ?

There’s no better feeling than playing your own music and seeing people go crazy. Making electronic music is great because I can have full control over everything, every sound, every decision, from my brain right to the speakers on the dance floor. So when you get a great reaction it makes all the years of hard work worth it.

The worst part is a lot of the magic disappears when you hear other artist’s tracks as you can pretty accurately reconstruct them in your mind. It’s very rare to have that “Wow moment” that I used to get a lot when I was younger. There are still some tracks that make me stop whatever I’m doing and just listen but it’s more rare.

Is there something that you’d like to hear more of in music today?

I’m tempted to say air raid sirens but they get a bit annoying after a while. I think more experimentation blending genres. People get stuck on a sound and I’d like to see more combinations of things, like weird quirky electronica melodies blended with deep house drums. I’m trying to bring more elements from old skool rave tracks into my music.

What can listeners expect to hear on Against the Tide? How will this show fit in with the rest of your electronic music endeavors?

It’s going to be the place where I’ll showcase all the new music I’m working on. I’ve got a lot of big tracks coming out on some well known labels and of course, a bunch of classic tracks reworked in my own style and I’m going to be mixing them all with some tracks from my favourite artists. Each show will be representative of a proper club night, heads down, eyes closed.