Adi Dumitra

Curation & Creativity with Adi Dumitra’s Conversions

Lauren Krieger

The pleasure of having an archive of over a decade of DJ mixes from an artist means we can travel through the evolution of their sound, listening to the development of the unique and distinctive voice which has come to define them. In over 12 years, Adi Dumitra has been sharing his journey with FRISKY’s audience, as he has flowed from Progressive beginnings into blends of Techno and Dub that explore the depths. His show Conversions‘ initial role as an avenue for sharing the music from his record labels has continued to keep it a keenly curated, always fresh selection of underground electronic music from a variety of talented artists. For over 12 years you can dig through the catalog of Adi Dumitra’s own mixes, along with his selected guest DJs who have each been dedicated to sharing new sounds that represents the diversity of the underground.

Celebrating the 12 year anniversary of his FRISKY show, we took this opportunity to catch up with Adi Dumitra as he gives us insight into the story behind Conversions, and a glimpse into himself.

What was your original purpose with Conversions? Has that changed over time?

I would say I was feeling the urge to “represent” the 2 record labels I was running at that time, I think it’s how it started. Having the chance to work with both up and coming artists as well as established ones, I felt like running a radio show where I can feature their productions was a plus. Changes? I could not say there were no changes, it’s been 12 years so far. 🙂 One of it was the third label I started with Deep Mariano, and now, pretty much of all the genres were covered, so yes, a new wave of artists, electronic music is meant to evolve and go through changes itself, but overall the main goal was and still is the same.

Are there any differences in Conversions today versus when you began?

Maybe the approach and the track selection, I personally went through changes over the years, so if in the beginning, it was all about the progressive house side of the things, I found myself diving deep into the techno and dub techno area, therefore some of the shows highlighted these genres as well.

How do you choose your guest mixes? To put you on the spot: do you have a favorite one?

Artists under the labels I run are always a priority, I cannot hide that. But besides that, whenever I listen to someone’s music and I have the feeling it could and would fit Conversions, I get them on board. It’s difficult to name one single favorite one, there are definitely more than one. 🙂 But I would mention Swayzak, Andrey Pushkarev, Ozgur Can, Taho, Toygun, Mariano and the list can go on.

What do you find is the most challenging part of hosting a monthly mix? What is your favorite part?

Honestly? Right now its the lack of time (that’s not really challenging, but still :)). Going further I think it’s the track selection, and the desire to keep the interest alive. Over the years I’ve been pleasantly surprised to meet new people all over the world and find out they are listening to the show, so maybe this, along with my own passion, keeps me going on and motivates me to try and fit expectations.

What advice would you give to someone who was just starting out as a DJ?

My first advice would be not to start out at all if you don’t feel the music as being part of your soul, if you don’t sleep and wake up surrounded by it, if you don’t cry, laugh or get those goosebumps when you listen to it.

Adi Dumitra

Do you think it’s easier or more difficult to succeed as a DJ now versus when you began?

Oh yes, absolutely way much easier! 🙂 I won’t start a whole story here which can lead to vinyl vs usb’s debates, instead of that though, I will mention the power of social media which unfortunately seems to be dictating these days. Dedication, passion, skills, and knowledge got lost in front of computer software, Facebook rants and all hype that can easily and falsely created these days. However, some say the ways don’t matter now, what’s important is whether you succeed or not.

Who are some current artists whose music you’re really enjoying?

Way too many, there are a lot of icons I never stop listening to, but every day I get the chance to still receive demos from new artists, listen to promos and can easily affirm that this kind of music will never have an end. 

If there were one thing that “Adi Dumitra” was known for, what would you want that to be?

That’s a tough one Lauren 🙂 I don’t know, I would be curious to find that out too! Definitely, Conversions could be one of the main roles. For a few years, I also moved the radio show to a live one, so I was hosting bimonthly events under the same name in various clubs, and so the crowd got more familiar with the whole concept, gaining interest in both listening to the radio show and join the club nights. Apart from that, it might also be the record labels, where I always focused on discovering new talents and release their music out.

Where do you see yourself, and your music, in the next 12 years?

Still in the same area, I never aimed to become a superstar, so my goals will remain the same. If I will manage to please my audience and my own need to express my feelings through my music, I can say mission accomplished. 🙂

Adi Dumitra

Before we go, a few fun questions. 😉

Sunrise or Sunset? 


If you could transport to anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

I would actually prefer a different world, another dimension.

If you could be any fictional or historical character who would you want to be?

Probably Winston Churchill.

What is your favorite sound besides music?

A mountain river’s music

If you could choose one superpower which would you want? 

Time travel

Thanks Adi! Listen to the 12th Anniversary of Conversions now: